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  1. All the xat pawns imgs [RESOURCE]

    Wow this is helpful for people who wanna design a new pawn for suggestions, good post.
  2. Possible Bug

    http://prntscr.com/grzk3l Problem was fixed with a reset. Can someone close this topic?
  3. Certified User Pawn

    @Debians in other words, if the owner or owners, decide they want to reward them, they can do so with badge. So what are you trying to get at lol.... @Stif Repeated offenses will most likely end up having higher bans if the user persist. You have badge to reward good users, and ban and protect to prevent the "trouble makers." Trying to get into a chat via ticket is absurd. You barely get a response as is.
  4. Certified User Pawn

    @Stif As I stated, it's mostly toons in chats like Help that are breaking rules, and using vpns so they can unban themselves with a new IP. The power wouldn't be able to prevent that. Only protect can. This power is to just be used on registered people and most likely they wouldn't come back to the chat after a ban. Now could they do the same thing a toon could, possibly. But wouldn't matter cuz they lost the advantage of being on a registered account after they got banned on their registered account. So like I said, it's useless for what you are saying it could be helpful for. Now for trade, yeah it'll be helpful for pointing out scammers, but you could just ban forever in that case and problem solved and on top of it, it's a subscribers only.
  5. Possible Bug

    @Angelo I'm not exactly sure if it has managed assigned, and nah it was a hour long ban.
  6. Certified User Pawn

    @Stif you're missing the bigger picture, wouldn't this just make users not want to be on anymore and decline in the chats "popularity" or the site in general. A power shouldn't be focused on trying to make someones chatting experience even worse... and on top of that, people who DO break these rules are mostly TOONs on VPNs so it's pointless. You got ban, kick, and if all else fails, you got protect. Keep in mind all 3 of those suggestions are FREE.
  7. Certified User Pawn

    @Stif whats wrong banning a user or if they really break tos they can be torched. This is still un-needed.
  8. Certified User Pawn

    I don't really like the text on the pawn, that should be where a heart or star or a bff sign should be. I like @Stif's idea a lot better but it's also un-needed. What are we certified in?? Registered is enough. Anything else in my opinion, not needed nor will I be mad that it wasn't even added in. You can also do this with the lang power soooo.
  9. Possible Bug

    @Angelo I didn't ask them to reset, as I don't wanna cause a disturbance to the chat, and no. I know how xat works, so I wouldn't do anything on the same IP. As I stated, the glitch happened when I was banned and almost instantly unbanned when I was still trying to connect to the chat.
  10. Possible Bug

    @Angelo this is the only chat.
  11. Possible Bug

    So, I'm trying to figure out how I can get out of this glitch or bug. I was banned and unbanned instantly almost. Now I'm stuck appearing as a banned user on my side, and to others I'm not banned. We tried to ban me and unban me and still shows me banned. I also tried to clear my cache. I'm stuck. http://prntscr.com/gqkpj6 Update: This is what I look like when I go on a toon in incognito. http://prntscr.com/gqwj29 this is a obvious bug. I'm stuck appearing as I am banned and unbanned to otherrs. My messages don't even show up but others can see my messages. If you know a way to fix this I use chrome. I don't want and shouldn't have to use another browser.
  12. Happy birthday

    1. waled




  13. ¡Happy birthday!

  14. It's my birthday :d

    1. Griftlands


      Happy Birthday

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      Happy birthday Dallas! GetStrip5.php?c=S_hi_18_18_c.png


      What presents did you get?

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      Happy birthday(hug) Dallas

  15. 433 - TOAD

    The fire breathing toad reminds me of godzilla. Worth it.