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  4. The fire breathing toad reminds me of godzilla. Worth it.
  5. Using flashrank and ufoscan effect on the pawn seems to mess up the flow of the ufoscan, so I wouldn't wanna use flashrank with the ufoscan on it.
  6. I like this idea, as for Social, and if a mod was to be afk and not in the staff pool, I can kick the mods to go to the afk pool, which would be easier for me and knowing who is there or not. Awesome and helpful idea.
  7. I appreciate the feedback @CommanderCSY but you gotta keep in mind these are free inners, so I'm not gonna go full out, maybe I'll make 6 more where I actually go full out but for now, I'm trying to make a simplistic look for new people who wants free backgrounds for their chat if they ever so stumble upon this. Thanks for the advice, and I'll keep those in mind. This was more of practice for me as I just realized I can use the eraser to fade images a bit more to make it look more authentic and I thought I would put together some inners for people either pcbacks or new chats.
  8. You keep telling me this but don't give me alternatives to this either. I use the blur because to me it gives me that authentic smooth look, and just feels right in my eyes. Please give me alternatives and not just "don't use this."
  9. Is this for the cover? Do you know the signature too?
  10. What is the preferred size for the forum cover photo and signatures?
  11. I decided to put together some inners, these are plain due to it being free, you can use these for whatever you want, just don't resell them saying it's yours.
  12. http://prntscr.com/efnblw idk if this was reported, but being banned the color is not brown it says the color you chose for your ep pawn in this case I had Er for ruby, and so my pawn color is red when I'm banned
  13. Would this power be unlimited or limited? Could you make a hug for it ?
  14. http://prntscr.com/eeysco the bot ruby pawn is just red, no ruby glitter effect
  15. @Life I think this is because emerald has the topman effect like purple, so emerald is over everyone. The fexbot is over me and I got every single power but 1(gold) and I got a 4 letter sn, and 5 digit ID, and the bot is still over me. Also, when coming into the chat, and someone has a emerald pawn, and they had a message visable in the chat, it's green at first til they talk again and it doesn't have their color they have set. Other than that I think Emerald is amazing now, but Ruby should still have the ruby back, and a hug. For a 100k pawn, with no back but gold being 45k and having a back smiley, feels uncomplete. But only time will tell.