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  1. Zingbots - PlantBots - Spedbot - TempBots
  2. Chet

    LoveSick Power

    thank you nice thank you
  3. Chet

    LoveSick Power

    Thank you dimple
  4. Hello I came to bring a new suggestion of a new power called 'LoveSick' smilies below check think this is a good power. LoveSick All Smilie - (balloon) - example http://i.imgur.com/6lWEiHY.gifv (cupid) - example http://i.imgur.com/yFojGGk.gifv (hiccup) - example http://i.imgur.com/vZlzuB0.gifv (lovekiss) - example http://i.imgur.com/8gY93vc.gifv (lovesick)- example http://i.imgur.com/xwyHIlq.gifv (sappaint) - example http://i.imgur.com/awm6PUm.gifv (sprendlove) - example http://i.imgur.com/5T4RzfH.gifv (winks) - example http://i.imgur.com/yBTzFBR.gifv (Wowza)- example http://i.imgur.com/Yh4ZekN.gifv (xoxo) - example http://i.imgur.com/NMom5fb.gifv all are there Thank you for those who loved the idea Criated - Chet(1005555) and icLeon (15551996)
  5. Hello this and my new suggestion for the new power game a new game in xat.com called labyrinth and a great game for the users you will be able to win when arriving at the finish line who is the first wins receberar the xats the gamebot! PREVIW GAME labyrinth this is my creativity I hope you enjoyed. created by Chet (1005555)
  6. Chet

    Zikazero Power

    love it thank you
  7. NEW #ZIKAZERO Power suggestion Zikazero a new smiley power , in brazil they have lot of problems with mosquitos , i think you guys gonna like this one ! Preview All smileys of the power (zikazero) (Chikungunya) (dengue) (Zikavirus) (Madvirus) (Albopictus) (Microcefalia) (Aedes aegypti) Pawns (Hat # hs) - (Hat # hz) ------------------------- Exemples Pawn (hat # hs) Pawn (hat # hz) created by Chet (1005555),
  8. Chet

    Olympiad game

    very good suggestion otimo hope it's released soon
  9. good enjoyed our creativity to new suggestion will carry forward Thanks Cleon
  10. hi bb :p (hug)

    1. Dimple


      Yaheyy welcome here chet(hug) 


    2. Chet
    3. Dimple


      Put some ava more better and handsome hahahaha???

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