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  1. I mean no one else will put it out there but literally what an earth am I looking at ... it's like you guys are stealing random images from clip art and writing "xat.com/feedback" like you put effort into it, wth? Crow put so much xats on the line & these are actually an embarrassment to look at


    Have a nice day & stay corona virus free :D


    Only one who remotely did effort  was xLaming

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  2. 1 minute ago, Stah said:

    What was your previous regname?

    that's the weird bit. I was going for the regname "GradeAUnderA" as it wasn't taken but I think someone else created it at the same time as me which lead to some sort of error 

  3. Basically, I somehow got the regname including the word "xat" in my name. Not completely sure on how I did it but it happened when I tried to login through my mobile. 




    Not sure if it's a bug or if xat's promoting me or something but I'll report it just in case :)

    I'm happy to keep it though 8-) if not ... feelsbadman:( 



    Just saying, I just married that account so please don't change the regname to anything weird lol  (if it will be changed)

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  4. On 3/6/2016 at 10:26 PM, Chelly said:

    Suggestions for pawns;

    • Headphones
    • Glasses/shades
    • Scarf
    • Cape/Cloak
    • Wings
    • Halo above head.
    • Devil horns + tail

    + pirate hat, tiara which are pretty good suggestions imo 

  5. Cry: Marley and me, The Passion of the Christ, Bridge to Terabithia , Of Mice and Men, Pay it Forward, The Blind Side :'(

    Laugh: Horrible bosses 1&2, Kung Fu Panda (Animation movies 4 life), Daddy's Home, Ride Along, Bad Boys, 21/22 Jump Street, Wedding Ringers :d

    (I could go on for a while but not going to lol)

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