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  1. hello, this is internet. i am your guide, how may i help you, sir? 

  2. 528 631 1000 Immortal (1174107064)
  3. Okay, FINAL ATTEMPT since @Swifty kept telling me to post :). Hope you're having a great birthday anyways!



    1. Chelly


      teach me how to make cute writing

  4. About time ! Congrats @LaFleur
  5. HELLO ?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Chelly


      do u wanna build a snowman

    3. Immortal


      can u guys take it in pc thx lol

    4. Lunala


      yes, i would like to build a snowman

  6. Immortal

    408 MEOW

    I know right! Are you fur real !??!
  7. Immortal

    408 MEOW

    Okay all, let's all just paws and think about this ...
  8. Immortal

    408 MEOW

    This power makes me feline good . I think they made a purrty awesome job making it.
  9. that's the weird bit. I was going for the regname "GradeAUnderA" as it wasn't taken but I think someone else created it at the same time as me which lead to some sort of error
  10. Basically, I somehow got the regname including the word "xat" in my name. Not completely sure on how I did it but it happened when I tried to login through my mobile. http://imgur.com/mQh5rvp Not sure if it's a bug or if xat's promoting me or something but I'll report it just in case I'm happy to keep it though if not ... feelsbadman _____ Just saying, I just married that account so please don't change the regname to anything weird lol (if it will be changed)
  11. Immortal

    Slushie power

    Nice drawings, I hope it gets added
  12. Immortal

    Suggest Hats

    + pirate hat, tiara which are pretty good suggestions imo
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