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  1. 66 180 and 911 Brookey (274608498)
  2. Gg ez Omg lol O rly? Doge Lmao U mad bro? C'mon Kappa i hate myself.
  3. sorry @Crow i shall remember that in the future @Chelly this idea is very unique and i think that it would be very beneficial in the works of xat. It would give us users more customization and fun. I would definitely buy this power if it came out. Good job at coming up with such a great idea. Also creds to the main men @Immortal and @Swifty
  4. So the contest is over, yay! I would firstly like to thank all participants for taking their time to contribute, you all did an amazing job so thank you I would also like to thank my judges, @Immortal @Chelly @Swifty and @Harrison for helping me out as I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own. But I can imagine you are all wondering who has won so without further ado I will announce the winners. In First Place is @Ethan with: In Second Place is @Sushi with: In Third Place is @CommanderCSY with: In Fourth Place is @Artistical with: I would also like to give two special mentions who will be receiving 250 xats each. These are: @AlexandruIndraa with: @Eleven with: You can collect your prize from Chelly at Game.
  5. Contest will be extended by one day since some participants still have reserves to submit all their entries. After this, there will be no extension so it will end at 23:11PM tomorrow.
  6. you're a one in a lemon :$

  7. Happy Valentines Hawwibo! I LOVE YOU xoxoxox <3 <3

    1. Harrison


      who are you? xd

      jk <3 

    2. Snookie


      </3 my heart

  9. Multiple entries are allowed
  10. Hi. It’s Snook. I’m hosting a pcback contest. Requirements DO NOT use Yellow or Green, I DON’T LIKE THEM COLOURS INCLUDE MY NAME, “Snook”, SOMEWHERE ON THERE THERE IS NO THEME. Prizes 1st= 3000 xats 2nd= 1500 xats 3rd= 750 xats 4th= 666 xats MAY add more prizes if there are a lot of entries DEADLINE March 3rd 2017 at 23:11PM GMT Judges Me @Immortal @Chelly @Harrison @Swifty IDEAS/WHAT I LIKE Anime: Romance animes usually (examples: toradora and au haru ride) I like different genres but romance is my favourite. I like Levi from Attack On Titan (lol, basic me) Colours I like: pinks, whites, purples, blacks, blues, greys ‘Kawaii’ Things like Hello Kitty and Pusheen League of Legends, Kpop, Cats, Tumblr. Prize Holder @Chelly Good Luck to Anyone who enters. Goodbye
  11. Merry Christmas :)

    1. Steven



    2. Harrison


      Happy Halloween 

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