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  1. Not much, really. I'd give most of it to my parents since they're the only ones I know that would be able to properly manage that amount of money. I'd be set for life with just $10 million, if not less.
  2. Samsung. Not really a fan of their newest phones, though.
  3. i started out on some chat for a runescape private server in 2009 or something. that died and i ended up joining freewebs a couple years later
  4. pale moon. i primarily use chrome though
  5. not really a fan of cages on wheels. but the tesla model s looks nice
  6. if this isn't your favorite song, you're wrong
  7. I'm not really a fan of desktop icons. Desktop Link to background image Laptop Link to background image
  8. osu! is the only game I really play anymore. I used to play Gran Turismo quite a bit tho
  9. Chocolate covered strawberries & a dozen fresh red roses
  10. Rare filet mignon or beef tacos
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