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  1. 11 hours ago, DonQuijote said:

    Can anybody explain to me what mean smiley (pamad) ? He trying to broke open paperbag with hand or i mistake ? Where is logic ?(meh)

    Maybe this is better solution

    OAD5pG8.gif      fDY43IN.gif


    yeah... definitely trying to open the paperbag... not anything else i swear (swt)

  2. Apologies to those that have made requests; I have been busy lately and will still be busy for a while, so I am not currently taking requests. An indicator has been added in the Original Post.

  3. Not sure if it's already been suggested, but I see no reason as to why the avatar shadow shouldn't be optional for users with an xatspace. Simply place a checkable box for when you click your name similarly to "Sign me in automatically" and "Hide inappropriate words". I'm assuming quite a large amount of people who have an xatspace may not want to have a shadow in their avatar; they shouldn't have to choose one or the other and they shouldn't be discouraged from creating an xatspace.

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  4. On 16/01/2018 at 10:05 AM, Seven said:

    Not surprised this was coming eventually, absolutely inevitable with the situation at hand.


    This. I am absolutely devastated to see you go, Mike.


    also unban me at Hang pls lol

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  5. Mainly options 1, 4 and 10, as well other main points that are not mentioned here; namely the lack of progression and motivation from admins and also the fact that there are numerous platforms simply better than xat, though these two points go hand in hand. Progression means option 10 is also not much of an issue. Progression with regards to option 4 has occurred but many people left prior to progression in security regardless. Other factors will have some minor influence.

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