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  1. I'm not saying they aren't hitting expectations (although this is true), they aren't given an expectation to answer tickets (i.e through pay or threat of demotion). I've outlined this as one of the reasons why volunteers aren't hitting expectations, so I don't really see what your point is here. You're effectively either agreeing with me or misreading what I said by saying this. Why are they not an option? Why are they bad? I understand pay is unlikely to happen, but it doesn't make it a bad option. Is my other idea of having Volunteers demoted when they don't do the necessary work also a bad option? They've been playing the "long game" for quite a while now. What do you mean by someone the Volunteers in department are happy to work with? If they have the knowledge to answer the tickets, they have it, so they should be happy to work with them for this reason. Unless you are implying personal dislike or other personal reasons, which would be pathetic of them. Edit I now realise you could be talking about issues of trust with regards to torches etc, but measuring trust is extremely difficult. If they lack trust in every other volunteer, so be it, but nothing will happen. Nothing will happen until they try seeing how it will pan out. If it doesn't pan out well, they can be demoted. Simple as. I wasn't really specifically aiming for the Support System, but I meant quite a lot of the final decisions and changes in general are controlled by the Admins, who at the moment don't look like they will bother with most of these suggestions.
  2. Removing ones who don't do as much is also a good idea, because this also sets an expectation for the others volunteers - "If I don't do X amount of work, I'll no longer be a volunteer". Basically, volunteers just need to be given an expectation of the amount of work they should be doing (which is higher than it is now for a lot of volunteers). The only current push for volunteers is the users complaining, which isn't good. As Christina said, only Admins can change what is broken, and at the moment I lack faith in them with regards to fixing what is currently broken based on their reaction to this thread.
  3. Good point. I'm unsure as to how many volunteers don't have access to delayed departments, but they should be taught how to respond to such tickets to increase production rates. Not doing this is pure laziness. Making more volunteers would work given they have access to delayed departments and they know how to respond to tickets within these departments, but at the moment new volunteers wouldn't be able to do this, so I'd have to agree with this statement if things go the way they are now. Then the answer is to make most or all volunteers capable of answering these tickets. They should be taught how to do it.
  4. No, they're not. This is why you make two categories, "volunteers" and "paid volunteers" (or whatever else this would be called). I've given an explanation about this before, so I'll just post it here: I think there should be both Volunteers and "paid volunteers" (whatever this would be called) in two different categories. I feel like this would work because the hard-working volunteers who aren't getting paid would be encouraged to work hard to become a "paid volunteer", i.e a reward system. Those who slack off as a paid volunteer will be demoted to a regular volunteer, and regular volunteers doing next to no work should also be demoted. This way, "unpaid volunteers" are motivated to earn "paid volunteer", "paid volunteers" are motivated via pay, and even if they are not motivated, they will be demoted.
  5. The issue. Without pay, there's no reason to consistently grind tickets. It's all well and good saying "Volunteers shouldn't have to do as much since they aren't getting paid..." but that's the EXACT flaw with the system. The majority of all of the volunteers have this process of thinking, so won't do as much as they would be doing if they were to be paid - it sets an expectation that they have to keep up with the demand. Without this expectation, there's no reason to continue. No one's blaming the volunteers. It's impossible to do so, because they aren't getting paid to do it. When people blame the volunteers, they are truly blaming the volunteer system as a whole. They aren't doing as much as they should, sure, but that is solely the fault of the system as opposed to the volunteers themselves.
  6. But these "one or two departments" make up a large quantity of the total tickets. Just because the majority of departments aren't delayed doesn't give an excuse for one or two departments to be extremely delayed. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame volunteers for not doing the necessary workload. The flaw lies in the Volunteer system itself. However, saying that Volunteers do the necessary workload is ignorant, because one or two extremely delayed departments and the amount of people complaining on Help alone say otherwise.
  7. It's hard to be optimistic considering the current delay of tickets and the lack of motivation shown by most current volunteers. I agree that a few more individuals being added to the Volunteers would help a lot... but the issue is actually finding these people.
  8. Then let's remove every volunteer except about 3. And that's optimistic. You're missing the point. Almost none of the current volunteers do the workload that is necessary to produce minimal delay. "If they want to get paid, they should apply for a job" You just pointed out the main flaw of the volunteer system, proving my point further. Hopefully I don't have to explain why this is the case.
  9. Answering tickets sometimes and grinding tickets are two different things. If volunteers were to grind tickets, there would be almost no delay, but there is delay, so it's evident that they don't grind tickets. Which is understandable, since they are given no reward or motivation to do it. Admins giving some hope to the community might aid some motivation, but this obviously isn't going to happen given the previous responses from the Admins in this thread alone. At the moment, there is honestly zero reason to help answer tickets, nevermind GRIND tickets.
  10. ... Who? Please name one person. Chelly is probably the one person that would ever come close to doing this, but I doubt even she would consistently grind tickets for absolutely no reward. If the Admins don't care enough about the community's opinion, which evidently they don't, why should ANYONE be helping them for FREE?
  11. Doubt it. Why would/should anyone grind tickets for no reward?
  12. About the part regarding volunteers, I agree. I think there should be both Volunteers and "paid volunteers" (whatever this would be called) in two different categories. I feel like this would work because the hard-working volunteers who aren't getting paid would be encouraged to work hard to become a "paid volunteer", i.e a reward system. Those who slack off as a paid volunteer will be demoted to a regular volunteer, and regular volunteers doing next to no work should also be demoted. This way, "unpaid volunteers" are motivated to earn "paid volunteer", "paid volunteers" are motivated via pay, and even if they are not motivated, they will be demoted. Your part about powers having no set time is also interesting - I simply said 2 weeks because it is longer than 1 week, so I was trying to get at the idea that smiley makers shouldn't rush powers but should take their time. Having no set time to complete it would also work, so long as they don't make then too often (rushed) or far too rarely. My idea about suggestions for powers/features was just an example of something that could place - pretty much any method would work, so long the suggestions which are preferred by users can be easily seen. At the moment, there's no way to tell which suggestions on the thread are the best (as viewed by the community). The rest of your points are basically you agreeing with me so I won't comment.
  13. Price has been lowered to 120k, I will also lower the price slightly if necessary but I would prefer not to.
  14. Main reason why xat is dying is because there are simply better platforms that aren't outdated that allow their users to do more things for free, as opposed to xat that allows users to do less things for a price. The volunteer system is also awful because they don't get paid, so on the most part don't do as much work as they should. Possible fixes include: 1. Pay volunteers some money to encourage work. If they don't do this work, fire them. I'd say a lot of the current volunteers aren/t currently doing enough. 2. Make the general aesthetic of the site better, add more useful features rather than adding more powers that unnecessary. 3. Make these useful features FREE instead of having to pay for them. For example, (me), (gcontrol), (mobilebeta), (vote)... I could go on. Also, make it so you don't have to buy the (snakerace) power in order to play it. 4. Stop making duplicates of already useless powers. For example, (germ) and (microbe). I'd list more but there are too many to count. Just stop making useless powers in general, and stop making them weekly. Do it every 2 weeks or so, take your time, and make the power useful and/or aesthetically pleasing (unlike the majority of current powers being made). It'd be nice to see a good power that comes around relatively rarely so that we can actually appreciate the powers, rather than getting junk powers every week to inflate the already long list of bad powers. To conclude, the largest easy step xat could take right now is making features that should be free... well, free. Another HUGE boost would be changing the general aesthetic and stepping up from flash in order to keep up with other platforms, but this would obviously be a large amount of effort, but it might be worth the while. I also believe powers are playing a huge part at the moment because it's what makes xat stand out in comparison to other platforms, but obviously at the moment they aren't good. Number 4 on my list above would really help to both increase the quality and make the user's reaction towards these powers more optimistic. Understandably, the quality of powers has gone down considerably in comparison to before in terms of usefulness, which is due to a lack of ideas. My idea to fix this is to have a pinned thread on Suggestions where users can suggest powers. These power suggestions can then be put on the Original Post of the thread, along with a Poll showing all the suggested powers. Users can vote for which power suggestion they like the best. These would obviously had to have been suggested prior to the poll going up as opposed to adding them over time since the more recent posts would get more votes. So, give people 2 weeks or so to suggest, then after these 2 weeks, add all the power suggestions to a poll. Then give users a week or two to vote for which powers they like the best out of user suggestions, and rank them. Previous suggestions could also be made so long as they have not already been put in place. Doing this would allow for a huge influx of ideas that users will want. If the power suggestion with the most votes is impossible to implement or is believed to be bad for whatever reason (which is unlikely given everyone has voted for it), second place could be chosen as a power, etc, and if multiple powers on the list are deemed to be good then they can also be used. A new pinned thread could then be made for the next lot of suggestions, and continue this cycle. This way, it's easy to pick out ideas, and more importantly, it gives ideas that users will want. Since these powers are being made for the users, it'd be nice for smiley makers to consider user opinion before making powers.
  15. this is rigged, why are all the numbers below 48 when its 1 to 1000... the chance of that happening is (47/1000)*(46/999)*(45/998) = 1 in 10248. Please consider redoing this contest lol XD
  16. thank u so much for the mention ecks dee lmao lol
  17. 286, 935, 831 Flake (160987981)
  18. how is everyone gonna hate on fast food here whats wrong with yall smh
  19. Flake

    433 - TOAD

    what a roast lol
  20. Ok u can just remove the italian hand and text from mine and then it'll fit the requirements lol
  21. no it's adele, lol

    1. Eleven
    2. Lunala


      no, this is Ellen.



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