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  1. I have made an updated version of my original background.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/nSO0zSS.png Preview the Background HERE Please let me know if you'd like me to make any changes. Edit: I will add further changes that have been requested soon
  3. i am the ultimate weeb lol plz giv me mod
  4. I will be making a doodle soon hopefully !!! good luck all :^)
  5. no im going 2 stay forever 2 annoy u lol
  6. i knew it lol, ur also my favorite volun----- oh wait lol *cough* *cough* lol na seriously tho my fav vols are @Chelly and @muffins
  7. ur avatar triggers me
  8. ur so cute will u be my boyfriend
  9. I'd bet that a majority of the people who originally came on xat came through gaming youtubers, or for games in general. Though it's not explicitly stated that xat is for gamers like discord, a large amount of the userbase has come about from games. Your other point is that since discord is for games and xat is not, they are not comparable - I personally believe the target audience is irrelevant in this case. We are comparing the features of the actual platforms, REGARDLESS of the target audience. "Discord smilies are better because the user themselves can customise them, while on xat they cannot for the most part". In what way, shape or form does the "target audience" come into play here? But uh... a LOT of the community ARE gamers, or have come to xat through games. Keep in mind the facts. "that statement" was referring to when you said "I dislike discord", apologies for not mentioning that. I agree, xat shouldn't look to imitate others. I also agree that xat was popular due to its uniqueness to an extent, but there is a fine line between "uniqueness" and "usefulness". Sure, xat is unique, but the features on it are not as useful or aesthetically good as the features on other platforms. The features don't have to be IMITATED, simply made far better to the standard of a platform like discord. Looking at what discord can offer better than xat and using these general ideas to improve xat as a whole is not the same as imitating it.
  10. Because discord is a successful platform, and xat is not. Comparing to something that is successful allows us to see what xat does wrong, and what discord is doing right. Powers are unique, sure, but so is the ability to use almost any smiley or whatever they're called on discord, and create custom ones yourself for your own server. It gives endless possibilities that the USER wants. Already, the only thing that really makes xat "unique" is beat by discord. Discord has xat beat in pretty much every other area, so unless there is a dramatic change, I agree that xat will die relatively quickly. Sure, YOU might not like discord, but the majority of people would disagree with that statement.
  11. I'd have to agree, and this is the only point I disagree with on Steven's post. There will always be some influence from people they know in deciding whether they become a volunteer. It's inevitable. As an example, a short amount of time after you got Volunteer, Chelly did. Not to bash either one of you, I think you are both good, but it's unlikely that this happened due to pure chance. I could name other cases but I think it's pointless. So you get what I'm saying more, it's like saying "the environment doesn't affect whether someone will commit crimes, only genetics do". That's clearly a false statement, there is bound to be some influence from the environment, but it is impossible to measure the extent to which these environmental factors will contribute to whether someone will commit crimes or not.
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