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  1. Today, the user Angel ID 79351935 ban me on xat Hang for being "Annoying". I don't know why this happen and I'm so angry, please help, I thought Agnel is my best friend. thanx

    1. Ereshkigal


      Cuz ur annoying

    2. Chelly


      flake is not annoying


      flake is the best user on xat wtf is wrong with u :@ 

      i hope u get unbanned for dis mistake that was made

    3. Ereshkigal
  2. Flake (160987981) im fat give me my xat
  3. please may i take your place as volunteer
  4. wElL, wHaT cAN i sAy oTHeR tHaN THe RePUtAtIon syStEM iS aBsoLuteLy inCreDiBlE. iT aLLoW uSeRs tO kNOw hOw iMPorTaNt thEiR pOsTs ArE bY mAkinG nEw AcCoUntS anD LiKiNg tHe pOStS oN tHeiR mAiN aCcOunT... tHosE cOmpLaInINg aBouT iT aRe jUsT hATeRs!!

  5. i am going to abuse the forum reputation system to get many likes dont you DARE try and stop me

    1. Ereshkigal
    2. Seyon


      i dare u to stop NOW

  6. Mainly options 1, 4 and 10, as well other main points that are not mentioned here; namely the lack of progression and motivation from admins and also the fact that there are numerous platforms simply better than xat, though these two points go hand in hand. Progression means option 10 is also not much of an issue. Progression with regards to option 4 has occurred but many people left prior to progression in security regardless. Other factors will have some minor influence.
  7. happ bday is the birthday thing broken or something
  8. more importantly, how are there no birthdays today with 44524 members lol
  9. wtf this kid gets mod before me..
  10. Vertie is now volunteer again yeah she is my favrite she's very smart and good looking haha
  11. i am a volunteer emeritus and ever since i was one i was the smartest genius on xat dot com its a well known fact your intelligence increases by 25 IQ points when you have volunteer emeritus status also pls no flame lol
  12. where the HELL is my volunteer emerituisuituis also tinkerdoodle can you please stop reacting with "meh" instead of answering Rida's question, it annoys me beyond belief lol
  13. do i really have to put /s after a blatantly obvious sarcastic post this entire thread is pointless, and i have no idea what christina is rambling on about or why it matters please just let the thread die
  14. This thread is one of the most useful that I've seen in a long time. Thank you so much Christina for gracing us with your beautiful words, I'm honestly inspired and I am currently proud to be a member of the LGBT community on xat. This is honestly extremely demeaning and horrible, to be honest, Nick. I once thought of you as a man who had extremely nice manners, albeit you are heterosexual, but your good manners made me like you as a person regardless. However, now that you are displaying poor manners, you honestly have nothing going for you. I have nothing else to say, o
  15. no fighting plz lol peace only no spread the hate #gayprideyear
  16. Agreed, but at the same time I agree this is a better rep system overall - perhaps no one puts actual value into rep points as they are because they heavily reward having friends like your posts, and posting a lot of content doesn't get rewarded? You have two ends of the spectrum, one that rewards having the same people like your posts continually to get lots of rep (current one) and one that rewards continually posting even though it may not be useful content. Neither of these are desired, and so to minimise both they should both be weighted equally (as the "karma" system shown he
  17. Flake


    i have received the prize lol
  18. Flake


    DONT TELL ME WAT TO DO lol jk i will contact u thank u
  19. Flake


    DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO XDDD :3 xp Flake (160987981) lol
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