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  1. Oh, right, not just me then. It usually happens when I click "Browse", not sure why.
  2. Is this an issue for anyone else? I often find that when I go to another part of the forum, I randomly get signed out and I am forced to sign back in again.
  3. Obviously statusgrad has been suggested before, but an unobvious one that I don't think has been suggested before, (I'm very sorry if I'm wrong), is Nameglow Gradient, or glowgrad. This power would allow you to add a gradient to your nameglow. Preview of what it would look like (The glow is TONED DOWN - It is intended that glowgrad is toned down): In my opinion, a potential disadvantage is that nameglow and namegrad activated together may be very distracting. To solve this, it could be that namegrad cannot be used when glowgrad is in use (namecolor could still be used). This is similar to how with namegrad, only one colour for the nameglow can be used. In order to use namegrad, it should only be required that you have nameglow. Also, I think the pricing on the power should be around 1,000 xats (not epic). I'd like to see your ideas on the suggestion, and the possible advantages and disadvantages if the power were to be created. Thanks for your help!
  4. These issues do seem quite problematic. Hope they are added/fixed.
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