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  1. yes more smilies about 5 people will ever use very epic
  2. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐋𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐈𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠.

    1. Lemona


      oɹq snʇɐʇs ʎɯ lɐǝʇs ʇ,uop



    2. Seyon


      flak i think u mean football is coming home (oh wait lol)

    3. Steven


      HAHAHA seyons a funny guy

  3. Draw 1 - 1 Ronaldo scores 1, Salah scores 1
  4. Flake

    I'm Sorry

    my nans ugly and fat i really love xat in my past life i was a cat and my name was pat mike is sorry he was a fool please do not hate him he is cool i love u mike u rule!
  5. yeah... definitely trying to open the paperbag... not anything else i swear
  6. Flake

    Gallery - Flake

    Apologies to those that have made requests; I have been busy lately and will still be busy for a while, so I am not currently taking requests. An indicator has been added in the Original Post.
  7. Not sure if it's already been suggested, but I see no reason as to why the avatar shadow shouldn't be optional for users with an xatspace. Simply place a checkable box for when you click your name similarly to "Sign me in automatically" and "Hide inappropriate words". I'm assuming quite a large amount of people who have an xatspace may not want to have a shadow in their avatar; they shouldn't have to choose one or the other and they shouldn't be discouraged from creating an xatspace.
  8. Flake

    Gallery - Flake

    Currently taking requests? No Inner Backgrounds More graphics, including but not limited to outer backgrounds, xatspaces and banners, may be added in the future.
  9. Inner 1 https://i.imgur.com/jR93S0r.png Outer 1 https://i.imgur.com/IJLLy74.png Preview for Set 1 CLICK HERE Button Colour 1 #1840dd Inner 2 https://i.imgur.com/sUTWBPG.png Outer 2 https://i.imgur.com/EOR6HDy.png Button Colour 2 #11a1c0 Credit to Nicebits for Inner Template on both background sets.
  10. This. I am absolutely devastated to see you go, Mike. also unban me at Hang pls lol
  11. Today, the user Angel ID 79351935 ban me on xat Hang for being "Annoying". I don't know why this happen and I'm so angry, please help, I thought Agnel is my best friend. thanx

    1. Nezuko


      Cuz ur annoying

    2. Chelly


      flake is not annoying


      flake is the best user on xat wtf is wrong with u :@ 

      i hope u get unbanned for dis mistake that was made

    3. Nezuko
  12. Flake (160987981) im fat give me my xat
  13. please may i take your place as volunteer
  14. wElL, wHaT cAN i sAy oTHeR tHaN THe RePUtAtIon syStEM iS aBsoLuteLy inCreDiBlE. iT aLLoW uSeRs tO kNOw hOw iMPorTaNt thEiR pOsTs ArE bY mAkinG nEw AcCoUntS anD LiKiNg tHe pOStS oN tHeiR mAiN aCcOunT... tHosE cOmpLaInINg aBouT iT aRe jUsT hATeRs!!

  15. i am going to abuse the forum reputation system to get many likes dont you DARE try and stop me

    1. Nezuko



    2. Seyon


      i dare u to stop NOW

  16. Mainly options 1, 4 and 10, as well other main points that are not mentioned here; namely the lack of progression and motivation from admins and also the fact that there are numerous platforms simply better than xat, though these two points go hand in hand. Progression means option 10 is also not much of an issue. Progression with regards to option 4 has occurred but many people left prior to progression in security regardless. Other factors will have some minor influence.
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