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  1. congrats to all the winners and thank you for the contest!! <3
  2. cool if i win i'll give away half of what i win 110
  3. happy birth!

    1. Anush


      Thanks ice pawn guy :o

  4. Flake

    Rose Gold Pawn

    White Gold (Right is a yellow tinted variation): Rose Gold: There are minor errors I can't be bothered to get rid of but this is the general idea for what I think they could look like I like both of the white gold variations but feel like the yellow tinted one might be better since it looks less like the mod pawn than the other one does, which iirc was the issue people had with the silver pawn? Though I don't really think either look much like the mod pawn Lmk if any of you have any suggestions for how I could make them look better
  5. Flake

    Rose Gold Pawn

    i get that you're probably playing devils advocate here, but i don't really think too many pawn colors should ever be an issue until it gets to the point where it's impossible to make one that looks different from the others (at which point there'd be little desirability for new pawns). more expression is never really a bad thing if it's desired IMO, and i don't know anyone who's been annoyed at there being too many pawn options. at the lower price ranges i'd argue the opposite of the sentiment that there's too many options available, since there's pretty much only pink and blueman white gold sounds cool and i'm down to make a preview of what it could look like similar to what i did for the rose gold pawn; would probably look nice as a recolor of the rose gold pawn example i made tbh the idea of unlocking rose gold and white gold by collecting more gold powers, while a cool idea, isn't really price friendly; this is especially an issue when you consider that the variety of pawns in the lower price range are quite lacking. i guess there are other pawns that could be made that can be lower price range, though, so this isn't too much of an issue ig, so long as new pawns in the lower price range do eventually happen adding more smilies on to the gold power by adding the white and rose variations is a cool idea definitely
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