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  1. Edit

    mimi #kiss2 #hohoho :$

    1. mimi


      Lol hiii #hohoho (smirk)

  2. One more thing, i still get private chats from random people who have me added (i dont have them added as a friend though) even if my NOPC power is on. Isn't nopc/nopm supposed to block messages from users you don't have added back. Although it gets sent, you don't really get to read it because of the power, right?
  3. Good day everyone! I have a question. Did you guys make delisted chats unavailable/unsearchable for xat mobile on purpose? Also, when i type in ":'(" from mobile, it appears to be moving or results to the smiley equivalent for "(crying)" code. But when the person who's using a laptop/computer types ":'(", it sends it as it is-- not moving or anything. Just the code itself.
  4. Congrats my babygirl abbie and rest of the group! So happy for you all <3
  5. It's April poop's Day!

    1. Harrison


      Enjoy the poop mimi :d

    2. Crow


      April's poop day? :$ Who is April?

  6. Just to cheer you up... (: 




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    2. Lemona


      <333333 cheer up bb

    3. mimi


      i'll try to. :( :L 

    4. ioana


      Aw Lemona's being so nice lately 


  7. We're not close but i saw everyone greeting you. Happy birthday Gui! Hope you have a great one x

    1. Guinho


      Very thanks, mimi <3 (hug)

    2. mimi


      You're welcome (hug)

  8. I don't recall 'the happiest' memory that i have experienced because they're quite alot but let me tell you the top most thing that makes me really happy: seeing my family, friends and loved ones do well in life and not stressing about anything. As long as they're happy, i'm happy. ♡
  9. mimi

    Boys vs. Girls

    okay im so late and lost lolol sorry x)
  10. Sign out pls

  11. Okay then i guess the forum is perfectly designed for everyone to use! (:
  12. I would suggest Paul's idea. He has this going on on xaters and it is reliable to confirm one's identity.
  13. This new forum is amazing and very easy to use although some things are still not functioning well. Like http://prntscr.com/abujsv - i can't type in my reason. Is it just me?
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