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  1. Lockie

    Boys vs. Girls

    50 hehe
  2. Lockie

    Xat Awards 2016

    Smiley power? Anime. Function power? Gold. Group power? Bot. Bot provider? OceanProject!! jedi
  3. Lockie

    What superpower would you have?

    I would love the power that makes everything work the first time for once
  4. Lockie

    Favorite Holiday

    Any holiday that i get time off work from..... Heheh
  5. Lockie

    Free Templates

    Very NIce!, I Might Have To Use On Of Thease Myself!
  6. Lockie

    Who would you BAN if you could?

    Everyone Whos Online!
  7. Lockie

    What is your least favorite power?

    every power because i dont have it
  8. Lockie

    Favorite Browser?

    Google Crome!
  9. Lockie

    PCGroup 2.0 (NEW !!)

    Sounds like a good idea... but wouldn't be as simple as you think to do
  10. Lockie

    I'm loving the new forum.

    Good Job On The Forums Guys! Im Loving It
  11. Lockie

    Suggest Hats

    Yeah That Would Look Cool
  12. Lockie

    What is your favorite song ATM ???

    Yeah Gotta Agree With You On That One! Love This Song
  13. Lockie

    What's your phone wallpaper?

    A Picture Of Me And My Gf Dont Judge

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