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  1. I suggested one'power alligator as he told the story and how would power
  2. Joca was an alligator who was very smart. But I suspect that Joca was not that smart. One day, Joca woke up with a terrible toothache. Alligator with toothache? It is for you to see, even alligator has a toothache. The pain was terrible. Joca was rolling back and forth. If trying to eat: _ Aiaiaiaiaiaiaiai! _ Hurt so much If you try to drink: _ Uiuiuiuiuiuiuiui! _ How it hurts. Joca was desperate, did not know what to do, and even began to cry. Alligator also cry? It is for you to see, even alligator cries when he feels a lot of pain. That's when I showed up. I, the Tooth! But tooth speak? It is for you to see, what we do not do to help a friend. But back to the story, I jumped out of the mouth of Joca and gave him a sermon: _Tá With toothache? _Well done! Joca looked at me with a face: "I do not understand anything!" _ You are my tooth? Question Joca. Then I said _ Yes! I'm your tooth and came here to make a complaint! _ You do not take care of us! Joca made a face of dull, that we do when we did something wrong. _ But what I did to deserve this ... aiaiaiaiauiuiuiui .... doooooooor. He said Joca moaning in pain. I said: _ Joca, you are not taking care of your teeth! _ I did not understand! He said Joca perplexed. _ I like a lot of things. So I said: _ Yes, and we help. Cutting, tearing and crumpling all this food, but what I mean is that you just eat, eat, eat ...! _ AND NOT TAKE CARE OF US! I said, crying. Teeth is also angry? It's for you to see. Even tooth gets mad sometimes but back to the story ... I said: _ Do you know who walks strolling in your teeth? _Bactérias, Tartar, cavities! The gang of evil will slowly opening holes and ruining their teeth. Joca was a beast and shouted: _ WHERE THEY, WHERE ARE THEY? He tells me I caught them all. I am very smart and I will end this evil guys! _ Good! _I talked _ You have nothing smart Joca. He is leaving these villains do away with us! _ Know Joca, these enemies of the teeth are not big guys. _ NOOOOO ??? He said Joca surprised. I continued... _ Are pequeniniiiiiiiiinhos microscopes! _ You can not see us, but they are there, gnawing teeth without stopping! 'But what can I do to stop these monsters? Oops! Little monsters? He asked Joca beseeching. _ It's easy, Joca! Just call the guys well. Super friends of teeth! And tooth has many friends? It's for you to see. Even teeth have super friends, but going back to the story ... _ This class is unbeatable! _ Oh yes? And who are they? Tell me, tell me! very curious Joca said. clarified: _ The first is the dentist! _ I tell you, this is the guy! He cares, treats, clean and always keeps teeth healthy and gives you legal tips to take care of teeth and loves to receive your visit. But sometimes we forget to go frequently. The ideal and visit it every six months! 'But where I find one of those? Asked Joca. _ Ah! Is easy! I refer you a great also have dentists girls are so beautiful! ... I mean... Careful! I continued: _ But have more friends as well! _ Has the unbeatable trio! I think until we are the three musketeers, like ... One for all! And all for One! That gives one arrives over there in the bad guys! _ IT IS? And who are they? He asked the curious Joca. _ Dona Brush Your Toothpaste and Your Dental Floss! Never separated, enjoy working in teams. Every day, after meals they get into action! I continued: _ Dona Brush and Your Portfolio sweep and clean all the dirt they encounter on the road, leaving teeth clean, bright and with a taste ... booomm! _ But what his wire? Asked Joca. _ Ah! It completes the service, cleaning in difficult places, between teeth, where Dona brush and Your Portfolio can not enter. _ It Alligator, with the Three Musketeers and his friend Dentist (or girlfriend), there is no crowd of evil to resist. Your teeth will be amazing, or I'll be liiiiiiiindo! Finished. _ Wow! I liked the tips! said Joca So I said goodbye: _ That's it, get going! Take care alligator! And Joca interrupted me: _ Thanks! Wait! You said you'd show me a dentist! _ Of course! (Shows the dentist's card) _ Hello! Please, this is Joca, the alligator, I make an appointment! But alligator go to the dentist? It is for you to see, even alligator go to the dentist. Is that you??
  3. Ao longo dos últimos dias, muitos usuários têm recebido "Login falhou" ao tentar acessar suas contas, esta discussão vai explicar passos a tomar. A primeira, e mais importante, o método é transformar protecção OFF e pressione "configurações de segurança de atualização", que deve permitir que você faça o login. Se isso não funcionar, desligue a proteção em volta e siga os passos abaixo. Em seguida, vamos tentar desencadear (verificações de segurança) E30 ou E64, que irá enviar um link de login para o seu e-mail com um PIN de login em anexo - o que permitirá que você faça o login. Depois de ter recebido este e-mail a mensagem "Login Failed" deve desaparecer e permitir que você faça o login. Passo 1: Abra o incógnito de navegação (privado) e vá para a página de login (xat.com/login) e tentar acessar sua conta - se isso não desencadear E30 ou E64, em seguida, passar para a próxima etapa. Etapa 2: limpe seus navegadores cookies outros dados e ir para xat.com/login~~V e tentar iniciar sessão, se isso não desencadear E30 ou E64 tente a próxima etapa. Passo 3: Use o seu celular para tentar provocar os erros. Não utilize o seu Wi-Fi para fazer isso. Abra xat.com/login usando seus dados móveis e tentar fazer o login para Xat. Se você é incapaz de usar dados móveis para isso, usar o aplicativo do-mar. Se os erros ainda não são accionados em movimento para o passo seguinte. Passo 4: Só faça isso se os métodos acima não funcionaram para você. Ir para um proxy on-line (como proxysite.com) e vá para "xat.com/login" e insira seus dados de login (não se preocupe, você ainda está enviando os dados para xat em uma conexão segura) e deve proteção gatilho ou a verificação de segurança adicional (E30, E64, respectivamente). Se nenhum destes métodos acima vêm para ajudar e um dos ajudantes irá ajudá-lo ainda mais.
  4. hello

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      hello Minervaaa <3

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  5. My beloved mihay this time of a look at the suggestion that I made for a new power kawaii

  6. Today I started to test our power kawaii to see all that possao combines smilies that go get cuddly (kawaii#shh) (kawaii#alilove2) (kawaii#alilove2) I will be creating the power so they can have new power kawaii image at this moment I am only doing his initial testi
  7. Today I started to test our power kawaii to see all that possao combines smilies that go get cuddly (kawaii#kawaii#yff0000l010101b#nuclear#05a6eb#2cf9ff#wx20n8y2zos1a0t121) (kawaii#kcow) (kawaii#lovehug) (kawaii#cupcake) (kawaii#maniac) (kawaii#c#bunnyears#DFBEE9#FFFFFF#splove#costumes#chappy) (kawaiicontent#ff78ae#ffbada#cbcontent#loving#clove#cbfheart#ff78ae#ffbada#violi) (kawaii#c#vacflower#c#angel#dd73fa) (kawaii#dance3) (kawaii#jump8) (kawaii#glitterfx#ff0000) (kawaii#vampyre#glitterfx) (kawaii#goo#glitterfx) (kawaii#goo#glitterfx)
  8. Today I started to test our power kawaii to see all that possao combines smilies that go get cuddly (kawaii#topspin) (kawaii#snows) (kawaii#iceheart) (kawaii#beach) (kawaii#size#w7) (kawaii#ebunny) (kawaii#test2)
  9. I am very happy at that time will be a power that everyone will like
  10. Kawaii (a Japanese word meaning “cute”) things are popular because they produce positive feelings. However, their effect on behavior remains unclear. In this study, three experiments were conducted to examine the effects of viewing cute images on subsequent task performance. In the first experiment, university students performed a fine motor dexterity task before and after viewing images of baby or adult animals. Performance indexed by the number of successful trials increased after viewing cute images (puppies and kittens; M ± SE = 43.9±10.3% improvement) more than after viewing images that were less cute (dogs and cats; 11.9±5.5% improvement). In the second experiment, this finding was replicated by using a non-motor visual search task. Performance improved more after viewing cute images (15.7±2.2% improvement) than after viewing less cute images (1.4±2.1% improvement). Viewing images of pleasant foods was ineffective in improving performance (1.2±2.1%). In the third experiment, participants performed a global–local letter task after viewing images of baby animals, adult animals, and neutral objects. In general, global features were processed faster than local features. However, this global precedence effect was reduced after viewing cute images. Results show that participants performed tasks requiring focused attention more carefully after viewing cute images. This is interpreted as the result of a narrowed attentional focus induced by the cuteness-triggered positive emotion that is associated with approach motivation and the tendency toward systematic processing. For future applications, cute objects may be used as an emotion elicitor to induce careful behavioral tendencies in specific situations, such as driving and office work. http://prntscr.com/ajah9s
  11. maninha sevda you can add me among your friends

  12. Good morning my beloved mihay you can add me to friend

  13. I'm wanting a new power to test at that time as do I obiter I really wanted namegrad more will take 10 years to take hands
  14. Olá Junior's a look at the idea I had of a new power

  15. friend get very good even need to learn a lot

  16. thank you for this moment teaches me will learn how chefinho guinho Termite teaches me
  17. Good afternoon I would love to say at the moment I'm very happy of this new new power pcorn be released are simple designs that like to feel happy like junior it makes me very happy because it always innovates xat.com http://prnt.sc/abyihe
  18. maninha vale this moment I am happy if you put ua photo is beautiful

  19. Good day I would love to congratulate the new forum I am very good indeed
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