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  2. good afternoon I would love to suggest new new power christmas party will be a very nice power where we have 12 smilies to Go charms everyone who buys powers in this commemorative day like Christmas It will have a lovely hug to be used in the home will cost 10 xats the main and if you use the free private besides having 4 commemorative hats to be used in this so special date I hope you all enjoy this new power christmas party will be for a date special and limited in store
  3. I'm looking forward to having new mu7ito 413
  4. good night I would love that moment reports a ban made by arthur at the request of fabio and I have proof of it that asked for my small room gave f5 to ban sends me wrong and I want to ask providences fabio should be ban forever and arthur owner loses his http://prntscr.com/d1e979 http://prntscr.com/d1ec5i http://prntscr.com/d1edn6
  5. I think these will be very fluffy hat also the new power never and a template we can use to know how many Christmas hat there
  6. Good afternoon, this time I think we can have the new hat fixed these pedestrians
  7. migo crow you have any ration are beautiful smilies rarely personal encomtra to use on Christmas Eve and inspires all who see this as the topic that date and special
  8. Good Morning we are coming in December missing one month for this special date sja celebrated already more we prepare ourselves for it
  9. MIGA elie I've been looking for the best smilies can be used new powers and was very lucky to find those that are beautiful all very vain like
  10. I at this moment I am very excited for this new power that one of the most beautiful and christmas epic that already had
  11. Good Morning I would love to show new smilies will look great in our new power that will be a more beautiful home another the choice will be the junior mihay used to smilies
  12. migo zuke that time I think we should know that Christmas smilies should always be special and a single date we have in xat.com I'm very excited about my suggestion
  13. Good Morning migo junior you saw that I suggested also new powers to be released hopefully you like my suggestions are fondly

    1. CH3RRY


      Happy birthday!!!

  14. http://prntscr.com/cwyn62 http://prntscr.com/cwyn7v http://prntscr.com/cwynxy http://prntscr.com/cwyo0j http://prntscr.com/cwyo34 http://prntscr.com/cwyo65
  15. http://prntscr.com/cwym2m http://prntscr.com/cwym70 http://prntscr.com/cwymik http://prntscr.com/cwymmx
  16. Difficulties and trials "... In times of trial and suffering. Never. When seen in the sand only one set of footprints It was because I carried you in her arms. " The decision was made. They ended up for the Powers family, travels through the United States to do magic shows in secular settings. Long I prayed for letting life Hollywood type that we took too many years. A verbal battle, fought on a Los Angeles freeway, while trying to make way on Friday night traffic, precipitated the decision. We had been invited to dinner with friends, but something exploded in me the way. "I
  17. chefinho 42 this moment I am happy also took a suggestion for Halloween powers most think it will is for next year is not even
  18. good night I think that junior and mihay time to see smilies and say how would
  19. Good Morning I think this power of Halloween will be one of the most beautiful that already was released beyond it being limited all vain like the smilies that new power halloween
  20. Good Morning I would love to suggest a new power called dark of Halloween nights where tera 15 smilies to be used name according to taste each of 4 very beautiful hats for halloween beyond a halloween of abraco to be celebrated on private and free or main paying 10 xats 4 smilies para hat
  21. Friend think many not liked this idea because they can use this free option and almost everyone will complain if I had to pay for a power epic like this
  22. hello

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      Hi, Minerva!

    2. minerva56


      From the first day I saw you, I felt I had found someone who would complete me. Someone who always dreamed of having my hand, someone in my hour of grief could support me. Someone who could understand me and make me happy. Today I can say that everything I saw in you is true, and it makes me even more love for you. I felt really you are all missing in my life, it is my reason for living. My today, my tomorrow and always, my eternal love. I love you!


  23. minerva56


    good afternoon zuke the problem and that these smilies are similar to the halloween all was created by termites knew it then would be used the same smilies
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