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  1. Legacy Contract

    I just personally feel like a will is a bit dramatic for xat. The value behind their powers/xats should be the least of anyone's concern when a friend passes, despite how much it may be worth. Saying it'll "go to waste" sounds sketchy to me. I believe accounts should be left alone entirely in respect to that person.

    Brandy (555217616)
  3. win 100 xats Everyday

    Brandy (555217616) Lucky number: 74
  4. Yum or Yuck ???

    Yum Banana bread?
  5. WIN KVEGGIE (2)

    Brandy (555217616)
  6. Second Entry Power: Outfit Smiley: (paperbag) Brandy (555217616)
  7. Hi this is my first entry Power: Summer Smiley: (goggles) Brandy (555217616)
  8. What foods/drinks do you DISLIKE?

    I hate seafood
  9. What's your favorite type of pizza?

    Pepperoni dipped in ranch
  10. Best Pokémon-Themed Doodle

    I drew umbreon for my 2nd entry Brandy (555217616)
  11. 1. anime - haira6 2. donttalk 3.songkran - sdrink 4. Egyptian - indiwhip 5. icebucket - hour24 6. worldcup - changes
  12. Best Pokémon-Themed Doodle

    this is sooooooo cute omg
  13. Best Pokémon-Themed Doodle

    I drew sandshrew & this took me forever Good luck to everyone! Brandy (555217616)