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  1. 4 hours ago, Sydno said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but in CS:GO crates, everyone is betting a weapon or money and the winner takes it all?

    This is gambling and is not legal in UK.

    idk what cupim meant, but this is what csgo case opening is, skip to like 2:50 

    not betting & winner takes all, (though there are cs:go gambling sites);

    they buy a box & a key, open it, and get a random thing with differing rarities

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  2. 12 hours ago, Dallas said:

    Everyone that is staff on there is because of a merge with "Vibes" and "Lit."

    Everyone seems to have a problem with this but is apparently forgetting what a merge is 


    You expect them to bring over their whole userbase and none of their staff?

    Of course people from those chats are going to be made staff, that's literally how a merge works ???

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  3. 1) Blueman is a classic I don't believe the name should be changed

    2) Reasonable but eyes & chest are sort of iconic so I wouldn't want them to change that much

    3) Agreed about that part so you wouldn't need roundabout ways to make things look different

    4) probably never going to be done (plus what adam said) and they're more focused on html5 than unused flash apps so if it was updated, it wouldn't be for flash

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  4. 1 hour ago, SethTI said:

    Can you screenshot in which area I put that code into? It really doesn't seem to play the gif for me if I put it where the BG link goes. And if I put the code where the outer BG goes, it just disappears when I save it. So where else do I put it?!...



    background:url(outer_background_image.png) center/cover fixed}#chat embed{background:url(inner_background_image.gif) no-repeat center/cover;


  5. You can do it with css, but not through chat settings directly.

    #chat embed{background:url(BACKGROUND URL HERE) no-repeat center/cover}

    You'll have to make the chat bg transparent under edit chat and that should do it, I believe

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Laming said:

    Not hard to add but what about 99% of their images are inapp? xD


    And yeah, they do not care about reports.

    Yeah but it's not like you can't upload inapp things to other image providers, and if someone's xs is inapp we can just report them there instead of the image on tumblr 🤷

    Saves time from re-uploading an image from tumblr which a lot of pepole do anyway

  7. 2 hours ago, Cupim said:


    Technically it would be your own room.

    So it's your responsibility to make sure that other main owners don't abuse group power settings


    I personally can't bear a chat with abuse. If owners are using it to trigger individuals, they will lose people 


    Also, the group power could have a macro (or in a futuristic HTML5, an option in settings)

    Macro => $namefilter=off

    Option => "Name filter power: [Enable/Disable]"


    This could be helpful if some chats are "abusing namefilter" and you need to be able to read names.

    Or I mean it could just go with this image.png.d06be1bd411836ac47cac3c16c57fe88.png

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Phin said:

    How is this any different from using Lightshot or ShareX? (Or whatever you may use to SS stuff) you’re basically taking a screenshot of a chat box.

    I'm guessing the point they're (as far as Brandon and Rexor at least) trying to make is that with xat providing a ss tool (and hosting it), it would help with scam proof or whatever, since there would be less debate on whether it's real or not.

    Problem with this, like always, is there's always going to be a way to fake these things, and with an official xat ss tool having more credibility than other services, it just opens the doors to being abused.


    I do agree there should be a button to take a ss of the chat though (can be done w/ flash easily) and that xat needs to start hosting their own content, but as far as "proof" is concerned, this isn't going to make it any more credible.

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