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  1. 7 hours ago, Meow said:

    and what about inapp gifs as PcBack ?


    3 hours ago, Crow said:

    To add to what @Meow said, inappropriate images are arguably much worse when animated. 


    They're more explicit and vivid (leaving nothing at all to the imagination). 

    I guess this is true, they are more extreme when animated.


    There are two (or more) suitable ways to deal with this, that I have really thought about:

    • Adding a way to report PCBacks, like has been discussed in this thread previously
    • Leading PCBack moderation up to chat staff, in a similar way they deal with inappropriate avatars
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  2. 37 minutes ago, Angelo said:

    Change it back to (jewel) and allow hex code customization for any color. Blacklist the actual hexcodes for staff, celebrity, xat. 

    This. Or do something where you have a predetermined list of colors that you are able to use, like the color palette picker on paint programs.

    36 minutes ago, Daniel said:

    Or allow it to be neutral and add the "everypower" effect to your current pawn colour

    Not the worst thing, but what about the green and red that are there now? For Offline and Guests?

  3. 1 hour ago, Brandon said:

    Very great idea! I think you should remove the feedback messages. It's not useful at all to know which ones were swapped. We can visually see which ones were swapped, so we don't need a message to tell us!


    I'm not sure how added chats tabs are treated. It probably wouldn't be a problem, but did you ensure that if a chat is tabbed, it's not moveable?

    Feedback messages were only there for testing purposes, they wouldn't be there on the live chat.


    Yes he made sure, only private tabs (with flag & 1) are able to be moved.

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