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  1. 41 minutes ago, Voymo said:

    Is this related that all kinds of flags from FLAG power don't work at this moment of posting? (ugh)

    Maybe there are other smileys that do not work now, further investigations needed

    flags work for me (hmm) can you show them not working

  2. xat will only reduce/remove your reserve if it is an absurd amount which would leave you waiting a long period of time before all of your xats are available to be spent. Your reserve will also reduce over time, eventually leaving all your xats cleared and freely transferable.


    Make a ticket under "Payment Problems" if you are paid user and ask for it to be removed or wait until your reserve is gone 


    1 - Go to http://xat.com/login and login

    2 - When it says LOGIN SUCCESSFUL scroll down and click the more button.

    3 - Now you should see an option that says "Delete (your current username here)".

    4 - Click that button and it should tell you to check your email.

    5 - Use the link in your email to login and click the delete button once again.

  3. Mixed Content: The page at 'https://xat.com/pgo' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure plugin data 'http://xat.com/crossdomain.xml'. This content should also be served over HTTPS.

    Some apps still load http:// links which don't work with the https redirect

    1 minute ago, Sydno said:

    It seems the translator was broken:



    Some other app may have been affected as well, such as xavi


    Causes this

  4. 32 minutes ago, SlOom said:

    How do you want to freeze your "days" with a power? If I understand your suggestion? Since i'm lazy to read all your post.


    To be more specific, your days are saved under a timestamp; so even if you want to freeze it for 1 day, your 1 day will be gone on the next day because it does the comparison between the actual timestamp and the timestamp of your days.


    My opinion is; It can work and it can be cool when you are gone for some days, but xat has to change his system like saving days in plain text instead of a timestamp so your days are never finished.

    Can be done in a similar way that bot time is frozen

    timestamp1 = You know when the days run out

    timestamp2 = You do the thing to freeze it, you get that timestamp

    remaining_time = timestamp1 - timestamp2 = days remaining at the time when you freeze it, boom store it

    then when you unfreeze

    days = current_time + remaining_time


    other solutions include selling the days, using (dx), etc.,

    would be similar to dx just without the hassle to buying/converting back to days if this would be a power, and you'd lose some value either way,

    selling days and re-buying afterwards is still probably the best bet

  5. Again, this is @Techy's idea, not mine, however the below opinions are mine




    16 minutes ago, Actavus said:

    I don't like the idea, younger people will post their social media without a second thought. Then realize after the fact that posting real life info can be bad.

    @Actavus While I get your point, it's the same as them linking their accounts in chat, this is just a way for them to be displayed without having to do that same thing.

    Also, I know what i cross post quoted isn't on the same topic, but I believe the point made with the first 3 sentences is the same.


    The terms also point out that you should either be 18 to use xat, either be 14 and have a parent allowing you to use the website. In the first case, the user is an adult and that doesn't matter. In the second case, parents are here.  




    16 hours ago, Daniel said:

    Awesome idea, and it looks pretty cool as well.


    One thing to think about is how would you enter the usernames for your social media accounts? How would this be shown in the edit dialogue?


    4 hours ago, Shake said:

    Why not add it to the login page? I feel like if they put it in the edit prompt it would look messy.


    Maybe like this:


    *pro editing skillz*

    @Daniel Something like that would probably be the best, other options include listing it under the "more" options on login.

    Thank you for your *pro editing skillz* @Shake




    18 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    Definitely a cool idea, i can imagine users wanting to show off their social sites.


    What should be considered: When setting up a social account, the links of the social sites should already been preset, so you can't use another link for that button, e.g.:

    https://facebook.com/{username} < you can only enter username



    Correct, and for things that allow you to link your accounts (like if you've used discord, you've probably seen the account linking feature),

    you could use that to link the accounts instead of inputting the username manually (maybe?) @LaFleur

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  6. 16 minutes ago, Navith said:

    I wish it surprised me that this thread is full of people who insist that this isn't a major issue and that no action should be taken.

    I dont rlly see anybody saying no action should be taken, just people saying that the problem isn't the chat, but the users themselves.

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