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  1. 6 hours ago, Voymo said:

    Well, not in my opinion. I can recognize the apples wonderfully on there. Let the admin take a closer look and think then decide about that neutrally with their own opinions. We just suggest.


    What should be fixed is the xavi app with this white, though.

    Gameban backgrounds being broken is being looked into


    Xavi app background has already been turned back to gray

  2. 18 hours ago, Jacks0n said:

    I have tried with tinypic and with cubeupload but it does not work



    If I select a default image i get sent back to login page




    This has been fixed, but using that page currently clears radio and button color, hopefully will be fixed soon

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Admin said:

    not following

    It's an issue not related to https


    In the current css,

    #media,td[width='8'],[width='2%'],[height='51'] td{font-size:0;}

    It sets #media's font-size to 0, which makes the https://i.imgur.com/tYX3exq.png text invisible (along with other things to result in proper positioning)

    His code allows the positioning to be done without making text invisible


    Basically, if anything, remove "#media," from that part

  4. To create a ticket, go to https://util.xat.com/support/open.php. You do not have to be a paid user to open a ticket under "Lost Access"


    If you are logged in, your xat ID will automatically be shown in the "xat username" form. If you cannot login, you can simply enter the email address associated with your xat account on the form. However, some topics require you to be logged in (view table below). In this case, you can open a ticket on an alternate account. To learn how to make an alternate account, read the New ID article.


    In the next field, type your xat.com password for the corresponding username. Under the "Help Topic" field, select a topic from the dropdown menu related to your issue. In this case, "Lost Access" to have it fixed. Remember to include the ID you tried to register.


    Once this is complete, enter the subject for the ticket (ex: I am locked out of my account). Ensure that your subject is at least 5 words.


    The final field (Message) is for explaining the issue you are having, or what you need help with. An example would be, "I am locked out of my ID 12345678, please update my location." You need to put a descriptive explanation of the problem you're having. If you are locked out, include any details that will help to verify that you are the account holder. These details might include your old IP address, the account name and ID number, the number of xats/days on your account, internet provider, previous location, etc.


    Then click “Open Ticket” and wait patiently for a response. You will be emailed when you receive one.

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  5. System problem (26): The recipient of your transfer has a transfer block.

    System problem (56): The recipient of your transfer has a transfer block.

    The recipient of your transfer is indefinitely held and a ticket must be created under Help Topic "Account Block".


    System problem (55): Your account is held indefinitely. Blocks all outgoing trades and transfers.

    A ticket must be created under "Account Block" Help Topic to solve this error.


    System problem (33): Temporary transfer hold. Blocks only outgoing transfers and trades.

    Wait out the duration of the hold and if the hold doesn't decrease, then a ticket will need to be created under the "Account Hold" Help Topic.


    "xat Reserve Limit Exceeded"

    This may occur after you buy xats and days. It is used to protect you from someone else getting into your account and giving them away. If you want a reserve reduction you can open a ticket and request it; otherwise, you must wait for the reserve to reduce. There is no guarantee that you will receive a reserve reduction if you open a ticket.



    The Held message occurs when your account has been held, which can be due to several reasons. Your account may have been detected to have become a victim of Phishing, and the hold was automatically put in place to protect your xats/days/powers. In this case, it will go away in a few days, which will allow enough time to let you restore your account and make sure the phisher can not take your xats/days/powers away.


    (hmm)i feel like i'm missing things or did this wrong

  6. E37 - Enter authenticator code to verify request to disable Account Authentication.


    Check your device and enter the authenticator code given inside of the application.


    If you lose your phone or don't have access to enter the Token code,

    Make a ticket at http://xat.com/ticket Under "Lost Auth" and request that you want your Token code reset.


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