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  1. I'm kind of confused here, what's the target demographic for this?


    5 hours ago, Christina said:

    The ultimate goal is to bring users to xat.  Powers alone can not keep doing this. Features need to be added to give a reason to come and stay.


    The difference is these other sites do not have what xat already has to offer. Giving them what they want and use, and then blend of what xat already has, will make xat their preferred site of choice.

    Imo, the appeal of xat is its niche characteristics.


    The difference between these sites/apps (snapchat, instagram, tiktok or whatever) and xat is that they are built around images and videos, while xat is focused around chatting.

    Making a product fit for every possible situation does not increase the appeal of the platform; It dilutes the already existing and highlighted features, which are already appealing to the targeted userbase. 


    A great use of this would be to make these filters/overlays for OTHER platforms that highlight and advertise xat, and still achieve what you're wanting.

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  2. Hello Flake,


    I  think your idea has amazing potential. I really like the amount of effort and detail you put into your example.


    I hope to see it on the chat some day.

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  3. 26 minutes ago, xLaming said:

    Yet xat can store next dates, what about old marriages/bff?

    every1 would either have to spend 200 xats to remarry (dumb)

    or xat would have to set every1 to the same date as when it got added (most reasonable)



    would be cool to see how long you've been married/bffed, the system just was never made with that in mind it seems

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  4. 1 hour ago, xLaming said:

    ?r=[chat id1, chat id2]

    ?r=[5, 123]


    is easier for you and us, not? because you can check it's array using PHP itself

    honestly prefer this ↓ than json array


    1 hour ago, xLaming said:

    ?r=123&r=5 or ?r[]=123&r[]=5


    easier in some langs, harder in others; so idk

  5. 20 minutes ago, Admin said:

    If I do


    Checking the token's validity by sending a request with no room and no info (?u=12345&k=deadbeefcafebabe)

    Specifying multiple chats in a single request (?r=123&r=5 or ?r[]=123&r[]=5)

    Using chat names instead of id (?r=Chat or ?r=xat5)


    but not this:

    Specifying no chats to affect every chats the user is currently connected at


    Is that good enough ?

    It's a good start

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