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  1. oj

    happy birthday my baguette

    1. Sydno


      Thanks Austin!

  2. then secure your email lol emails have 2factor as well
  3. join clubs, student organizations, sports, etc.
  4. oj

    Power: Rotate

    fair a shame that thats how things would be/have to be done
  5. oj

    Power: Rotate

    yes but disagree with the required invert just make it more expensive than it lol
  6. pls read known bugs b4 u post also this lol
  7. oj


    austin (638877683)
  8. changing email & other stoof = they have no way to know the new info for your acct (is what he's saying) it does matter and should be done xd
  9. @Cupim has the best moustache ive ever seen if i could steal it i would but he doesnt want me to he is also very good at writing shorts you should all read them
  10. oj

    Power: Dailyspin

    idk what cupim meant, but this is what csgo case opening is, skip to like 2:50 not betting & winner takes all, (though there are cs:go gambling sites); they buy a box & a key, open it, and get a random thing with differing rarities
  11. Everyone seems to have a problem with this but is apparently forgetting what a merge is You expect them to bring over their whole userbase and none of their staff? Of course people from those chats are going to be made staff, that's literally how a merge works ???
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