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  1. oj

    PC Transfer Bug

  2. oj

    Transfer confirmation

    how is this any different than what we already have you just want an OK button ?
  3. oj

    New Group´s

    I'm guessing he meant that's the cost to put it on the list, but there's promotion so that makes no sense. If he meant what you're thinking, then just flat no
  4. where r my kawaii gingerbread men i didnt ask for cacti

    1. Junior


      It's still in the oven.

  5. It was so sad that you had to leave early... Thanks lem and bryan for hosting as always and amazing dj @Melanie for roasting laundry
  6. oj


    austin (638877683)
  7. oj

    Free PCBacks

    thnx looks fantabulous
  8. oj

    Free PCBacks

    Theme: Initial D Color: Black, white, red Desired Text: Austin Font: Barcode font (lol)
  9. oj


    austin (638877683)
  10. oj

    Toxic Graphics

    😍 Looks amazing thanks again!
  11. oj

    Toxic Graphics

    Theme: Goblin Slayer Text/Subtext: Austin (638877683) Colors: Black/Red/Blue Extra Details: NA
  12. @Cupim happy birthday handsome man

  13. Inner Outer Button #00ff36 Preview https://xat.com/ostrich?ffff
  14. oj

    happy birthday my baguette

    1. Sydno


      Thanks Austin!

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