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    They're like 98% not going to make this not a power.. If anything, add it to (pcplus)
  2. Perhaps, though I don't think providing a standard format/usage for something is the same as it being the standard. I dunno dude this seems like a lot more work than just copy pasting. Imo, maybe on a larger scale it would tailor to usability, but not for a 1-file resource. To each their own, still all personal preference.
  3. You said unusable. Also, I don't see how it's not ready to be implemented? Please enlighten me as I implemented it just fine. His his style of doing things isn't wrong just because it doesn't fit your conventional style. So you didn't even look at his code in the first place before deeming it unusable? Laughable. All personal preference. Facts. Reusable code is cool.
  4. Works perfectly fine for me? Maybe give some info on whatever your problem is so he can better assist you, lol.
  5. i got

    1 thing

    2 say

    3 words

    4 you

    chinken nungets pls

  6. Sad to see you go, Marshall. Help and xat as a whole will never be the same place without you there. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your heartfelt autobiography and the tales of "Kondra and Zhunny." I had no idea about this! Hopefully you're feeling a lot better about things that happened in the past. In ore stulti vale.
  7. Hello, it's me

    I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet

    To go over everything

    Bot successfully started.

  8. oj


    CONGRATULATIONS @Cupim i knew you could do it
  9. oj

    happy birthday i love u

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