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  1. Image: This, please Position: Center Color Scheme: Dark Blue like my xatspace would be nice Text: Austin / FEXBots Chief Assistant (on separate lines) Thanks, and as Reyy said, be as creative as you'd like
  2. oj

    stop spam

  3. oj

    Goodbye xat

    Goodbye my love. ❤
  4. oj

    Animated PCBACKS

    I guess this is true, they are more extreme when animated. There are two (or more) suitable ways to deal with this, that I have really thought about: Adding a way to report PCBacks, like has been discussed in this thread previously Leading PCBack moderation up to chat staff, in a similar way they deal with inappropriate avatars
  5. oj

    Animated PCBACKS

    Oh my god this is slick as heck. NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THIS IN THE HISTORY OF XAT. Good work us. (omg nice smilies in your status)
  6. Soviet Russia. That way, the island would buy me.
  7. Don't eat fast food much, but that's because there is none around me. I live in the middle of no where. Maybe once every 1-2 weeks?
  8. oj


    Yes thank you based Matt for writing this for me. 10/10 idea would approve @Majora
  9. oj

    Kchef power!

    Looks neat. Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen version pls.
  10. oj

    430 RUBY

    @Cupim Same basic concept, but uses active pawn instead of specified one. Easier to manage, but less customization than a color palette type thing.
  11. oj

    430 RUBY

    This. Or do something where you have a predetermined list of colors that you are able to use, like the color palette picker on paint programs. Not the worst thing, but what about the green and red that are there now? For Offline and Guests?
  12. oj

    430 RUBY

    Oh my gosh that's slick as heck. The gradient on the pawns, slick as heck. The whole thing, slick as heck.
  13. Friendship is a sheltering tree. And for always being there, thank you friend.
  14. Roses are red.. Violets are blue.. Goodbye Flake, We won't miss you.
  15. Feedback messages were only there for testing purposes, they wouldn't be there on the live chat. Yes he made sure, only private tabs (with flag & 1) are able to be moved.
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