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  1. oj

    576 REVEL

    bcuz that's what revel means
  2. @zed My son, I hope this message finds you in good health. It has been a while since we last spoke; I miss your soft voice and the weight of your head on my chest. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and I hope to talk to you again very soon. <3 Oj

  3. dm me dog pictures pls

  4. oj

    Toxic Graphics

    Theme: Kimetsu no Yaiba Text/Subtext: Austin (638877683) Colors: Blue/White Extra Details: NA
  5. oj

    Toxic Graphics

    -obligatory comment to win free things since you havent given me enough-
  6. oj

    557 ACTING

    It's like you posted before even reading the thread.
  7. oj

    Automatic message

    every1 would either have to spend 200 xats to remarry (dumb) or xat would have to set every1 to the same date as when it got added (most reasonable) lol would be cool to see how long you've been married/bffed, the system just was never made with that in mind it seems
  8. oj

    burger king foot lettuce


    1. Angelo


      is that a leaked selfie of xlamington

    2. oj


      i can neither confirm nor deny this @Angelo

    3. xLaming


      Gonna report for sharing private info (d)

  9. hh is back baby

  10. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    honestly prefer this ↓ than json array easier in some langs, harder in others; so idk
  11. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    It's a good start
  12. oj


    finally been waiting for this thanks
  13. rest in peace flash bug fixes you will be missed

  14. xconst.as remove the "8-)" there public static const sa @muffins might not even fix it but im too lazy to test pretty sure tho
  15. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    The main usage for this (as you've said) is for using botstat (as an api) without having to use cilent bots or bot providers as a medium. As you know, it would allow for various desktop applications to be created to push live (hopefully) updates to the chat. I'm not really sure what else (besides this) which could be changed about botstat. Right now, I was and am more concerned about usability of the already defined features, which seemed to do what we would typically expect. After that, I hope people will have suggestions on various features to add/change for it. Maybe things like: Enabling/disabling powers (not super useful, but in specific scenarios, maybe) Sending messages (sounds kinda yikes) idk? There really isn't more to do with it than name/status/avatar/home changes as of now that seems super useful to me.
  16. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    have you read what the thread is about?
  17. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    I've continuously pc'd it to him because he asked me to and he just recently said "what about it" so ... I don't have high hopes It's already dead content anyway (like usual) because it's never up to standards upon release and features are slow to be implemented.
  18. Oh what do I see here...? Right, my rightful place as Duke. I mention @Cupim @Angelo @Stif @Addict @Leandro @LaFleur @Solange @Pia @Sydno @Thuk.
  19. oj


    They're like 98% not going to make this not a power.. If anything, add it to (pcplus)
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