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  1. oj

    Ban the post that precedes you!

    I have banned Angeline and the past like 10 posts because nobody knows how to play the game but are still posting.
  2. oj

    Ban the post that precedes you!

    I have banned 6 for what the heck is that translation.
  3. oj

    Giveaway #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    Austin (638877683)
  4. oj

    Update the Sounds

    oh snap ur right #fix the audies
  5. oj

    Update the Sounds

    #remove audies lol
  6. this is so sad alexa play despacito

  7. oj

    Namefilter bad words

    Or I mean it could just go with this
  8. oj

    Share PRINT - Button

    I'm guessing the point they're (as far as Brandon and Rexor at least) trying to make is that with xat providing a ss tool (and hosting it), it would help with scam proof or whatever, since there would be less debate on whether it's real or not. Problem with this, like always, is there's always going to be a way to fake these things, and with an official xat ss tool having more credibility than other services, it just opens the doors to being abused. I do agree there should be a button to take a ss of the chat though (can be done w/ flash easily) and that xat needs to start hosting their own content, but as far as "proof" is concerned, this isn't going to make it any more credible.
  9. oj

    Giveaway #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    austin (638877683)
  10. oj

    Win GLITCH!

    Austin (638877683)
  11. oj

    502 ESMILE

    you literally crossed out the problem being questioned in your ss?? [SEND: xat_test, 14:22:41] <p u="23232323" t="!pc austin (randomsmile#m#angel) " s="2" d="638877683" /> [RECV: xat_test, 14:22:41] <p E="1530645758" u="23232323" t="_ (randomsmile#m#angel) " s="2" d="638877683" /> [RECV: xat_test, 14:22:41] <p E="1530645758" u="23232323" t="I PC'd the user ''Austin (638877683)'' with the message '' (randomsmile#m#angel) ''." s="2" d="638877683" />
  12. oj

    502 ESMILE

    he's talking about why when he does randomsmile#m#angel it doesn't show the completed smiley, but instead gives a broken smilie code nothing to do with bots, it's a bug in the chat code when there's more than one smiley listed after the original randomsmile, drdrin is correct and it's something that should be fixed
  13. added up the worldcup contest results as of now (questions 9 through 24; not caring about formatting errors, things that weren't possible, etc., etc., just copy pasting to a calculator, 99% positive some results are inaccurate but yolo):


    Guppy 42
    Discann 38
    Christina 35
    Booh 35
    Karl 35
    JoseSergioJr17 33
    LaFleur 33
    Caiio 31
    i1Category 31
    Odin 30
    Huugo 28
    J0hn 28
    Mighty1 28
    iMano 28
    AND3 26
    Leandro 26
    MrCigarros 26
    DonQuijote 26
    Samuel 24
    Thuk 24
    imKyle 21
    JamesON 19
    Haey 19
    iDan 17
    Asphyxia 14
    Rexor 12
    Austin 2

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    2. Mystic


      Interesting contest Oj nice to see you putting effort into this!

    3. Leandro


      let me get mod and edit my answers brb

    4. oj


      @Sydno i tried to make it so i would get 0 points but i failed

  14. oj

    Small change

    mom and dad pls stop fighting (i agree, hiding it would be beneficial as to cause less confusion)

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