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  1. oj


    lol a postage stamp haha #15 lets go baby
  2. I'm kind of confused here, what's the target demographic for this? Imo, the appeal of xat is its niche characteristics. The difference between these sites/apps (snapchat, instagram, tiktok or whatever) and xat is that they are built around images and videos, while xat is focused around chatting. Making a product fit for every possible situation does not increase the appeal of the platform; It dilutes the already existing and highlighted features, which are already appealing to the targeted userbase. A great use of this would be to make these filters/overlays for OTHER platforms that highlight and advertise xat, and still achieve what you're wanting.
  3. ----

    happy birthday @Oh

  4. Happy birthday Oj!

  5. oj

    Ice Pawn

    Hello Flake, I think your idea has amazing potential. I really like the amount of effort and detail you put into your example. I hope to see it on the chat some day.
  6. @Stevenkisses

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    2. Steven


      I only know Austin

    3. Lemona
    4. David


      hey austin xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  7. oj

    Maxo (hug) Congrats again on translator! I hope you continue to exceed our expectations and your reputation grows even higher!

    1. Maxo


      Thank you so much OJ (hug)  i'll do my best 

  8. oj

    power dog breeds

    Shake, I think this is an amazing idea! It really allows you to personally represent yourself on xat, which might be hard for some people!
  9. love you too xoxo
  10. oj

    3x (1).gif

    1. David


      ICON please step on me

       kill duck GIF by Cartoon Hangover

  11. remove grayscale on header imo and lower contrast of green label also tweets are shown twice could make card bgs same as twitter widget bg color
  12. Amazing work as always, thank you.
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