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  1. Ideas and Discussions

    It's basically more or less turning the chat back into the more social place it used to be, instead of having it solely reserved for testing done by a select few users. While this point holds true for many people on xat, I don't feel it's right to assign it as the entire user base's "motive." As for speaking English, it's more of a convenience thing in my eyes, though I can't disagree that I personally wouldn't rather everybody type English, instead of relying on a faulty translator. Again, for convenience sake.

    Austin (638877683)
  3. Can someone tell me where my bottom scroll button is going


  4. Ideas and Discussions

    As a person of superior member status on said chat, I agree with your opinions. I'ma be honest, some of the people there are only seem to be ranked because of who they are married to, cough @Paul. I don't even know how I got ranked I just showed up 1 day and mod -dabs- Half of the people barely even come to the chat . And Angelo's opinion. And Bella's opinion. And Paul's first opinion (as detailed below) And Angelo's new opinion, having monthly main system brought life to the chat compared to the deadzone it is now. Testing doesn't get in the way of the monthly main system, and the monthly main system doesn't get in the way of testing.
  5. FIONA - puppies

    ya like karl is cute but i dont think he's feminine like ya there's only 1 dog power but there are like 50 animal powers ya like you see what we really need is more ban powers ! more flix ! more blasts ! more games ! like ya?
  6. @Bisha Seen Yes you have said that enough times ... fine Also, an obligated Naruto Boruto entry...
  7. Just watched Psycho-Pass, god the music <3 ... and the show in general <3
  8. would you rather

    so we can't buy anything or what you say so we can obviously do that but then we can just buy a bunch of stuff and that's still an equivalent for money the same as it used to be, doing things with items, not currency $1,000,000 in pennies. penny machine. ez win if you're lucky otherwise just buy a bunch of boats or something and then sell them?
  9. not entirely sure of my all time favorites but these are some that came to mind OP: Cowboy Bebop - Tank Bleach - Asterisk ED: Madoka Magica - Magai FMA:B - Uso
  10. Status Powers

    This is the kind of innovation that xat needs. Brilliant idea!

    austin (638877683)
  12. Word Disassociation

  13. You're god damn right This is now an Initial D thread.
  14. Looking for leaders and moderators

    god this is so me yes favorite (oh jesus christ i dont know) fma:b, code geass, death note, guilty crown, eden of the east most watched ... dragon ball or naruto most likely yu gi oh or dragon ball on saturday mornings on toonami (CRY) http://myanimelist.net/profile/austinh115 there you go dont hate appreciate