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  1. oj

    logoflag (Epicpower )

    why make that a power when you could just photoshop it and put it on your chat yourself (besides the fact xat might not like logo modifications but just an idea)
  2. oj

    497 HATS

  3. xat.com is a fun social networking site, join a group, make friends, create your own xat group
  4. sounds lonely if u want a friend samuel is taking applications
  5. (💖_💖) zed i have like 300.... can't unadd somebody because what if they come back someday....
  6. oj


    why would they be given to users in chat though we get what they stand for, but what connects them to carding users in chat
  7. oj


    i request an icecream smilie that you change the colors of the spiral. (iccone#r#g#b) and stuff like THIS WOULD THAT NOT BE THE COOLEST
  8. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Would also be good to have a button to generate a new API key, in case somebody who shouldn't have it gets it, or just an easy way to disable everything.
  9. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    That's true, or they could just have an API key generator on login under the more button or something so we don't have to worry about exposing any account info. I was just thinking, when (if) this gets added, could the packet be changed so that the bot providers cannot change our info (without our API key), while still allowing users to send the packet to change our own? Then, with the API key (or token, in your post @Admin), bot providers can have a place where we input the API key on their site, which lets them change our info only if we mean for them to. Because as of now, bot providers can change our info without consent (if we have the power enabled), even if it's only until refresh.
  10. oj

    2FA QR Code unable to display

    Works thanks
  11. oj

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Yes, that's what I was thinking. Would you change &s for things like name, avatar, etc.? Like, https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/botstat.php?u=638877683&r=5&t=6hfy6eyr6sk19vh&a=144 for avatars And for multiple things, would work like https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/botstat.php?u=638877683&r=5&t=6hfy6eyr6sk19vh&s=tacocat&a=144 ? (I'm assuming this is the case, just wanted to double check) And as Sloom said, how would we get the token?
  12. (This happens on Opera and Chrome, and I'm going to assume every other browser because that's just how it works) Happens because of the CSP xat recently put in place (view source on basically any page and it's at the top) Just need to allow charts.googleapis.com or just *.googleapis.com @Andre @Brandon

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