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  1. Nathy (30000013) .
  2. Happy bday @Solange have a nice day on your bday! (blowkiss)

    1. Solange


      Thank you!

  3. I got this error with angel and beautifly powers and don't have their hair. why isn't working ?
  4. Nathy

    oo happy bday paul *gives a cake* i wish the best for u (hug)!

  5. Hi, Here is my entry. Inner: Button color: #2B52A6 Outer: 2 entry: inner: Button color: #4999C9 Outer:
  6. Thank, you very much @Maxo ! Happy women's day
  7. Happy new year to all ! i want the best and peace for all.
  8. Received, thank you very much @NoSense and @Solange .
  9. Hii, here is my entry =) ! Full, Red =) :
  10. it's really a nice power and beautiful smileys i loved it i liked the pawns too, good work from the smiley maker .
  11. Esta, bien muchas gracias @Stif solo que me dijieron en xat help que tenia que hacer el cambio del short name en forum - foro pero veo que no se puede al menos que sea de pago, intentare comprar xats cuando pueda y lo hare gracias por la respuesta.
  12. @Stif Buenas noches, lo se pero me dijieron que tenia que mandar 1 mensaje aqui por que no soy usuario de pago.
  13. Hola, Queria transferir mi short name Nathys a la id 796439941 espero que puedan ayudarme muchas gracias.
  14. it's ok i like this power is really beautiful and more their smilies is it adorable how i see. Good work what the smiley maker do it.
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