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  1. Really, it's possible on the web app. And about mobile apps?
  2. Renan


    I think it's not in the xat's objective, like it's not in any social network objective.
  3. Renan


    How would it work? Could you explain it better? Thanks for your contribution!
  4. Could you explain me why some users would develop a negative outlook on xat? Or that is just a opinion? Thanks for your feedback!
  5. Really, could be it. The principal point is the detect notification — how it would be configured, the xat's creators staff decids. Thanks for your feedback!
  6. Hi there! Would be interesting a power that alerts a user when a specific word is detected on any connected chat. (like power Mark, but improved) How it would work: For example, I want detect the words gold, namecolor and nameglow on the chat Trade. So, I type '$detect=gold,namecolor,nameglow' into the chatbox and, if at least one of the words is detected, I will be notified on my web browser and receive a sound (like power Bump sound). If I am using the xat's app, I just will reveive a mobile notification and, if I am on the app screen, receive the sound and a message (from "Help" user) on all connected chats. Screenshot of a Google Chrome notification (example):
  7. Tnx, bro! As for me, we will be friends forever
  8. Hello, I find it interesting to create a new power record an audio conversation. The user would have to select an option to record, and later, send the message with the audio. Contact: /f88707923 Find me at: xat.com/Ajuda
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