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  1. Happy bday !

  2. Parabéns, Arte!! Continue sendo essa pessoa independente e engraçada, mano. Tmj!!
    P.S.: Só faltam 3 para 24 :$

    1. Arthur



      P.S.: Você é realmente muito estranho. :$

  3. And everyone laughed when some random guy said that the next power would just be another smiley one. smh
  4. I'm listening to Ed Sheeran - The Man. A nice song to listen to when someone rejects you for another person. "Then I turn the music off and all I'm left with is to pick up my personal pieces".
  5. BeaterUser

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    Oscar Niemeyer (36)
  6. BeaterUser

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    Monique Evans (35 points)
  7. BeaterUser

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    Dado Dolabella (34 points)
  8. BeaterUser

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    Fernanda Torres (33 points)
  9. Cats, 'cause they're honest. Rock or pop?
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