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  1. Instagram To Be or Not to Be (that is the question!)?
  2. Windows Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?
  3. Apple Post Malone or Billie Eilish?
  4. Right Eminem or Tupac?
  5. I write poetry. As the following one: Sing me your life One more bleeding, it’s all love takes of me A violent place these devils call home I guess if it rhymes, they’ll leave me alone For if I want to live with you, I won’t Tell me, yes, you What else should we do? If we’re not strangers enough If we’re not rough enough If we’re all and all not enough at all Leave me, I know you will For who can bear this scream When her heart wants to sing (Curious to see how @Arthur will answer this one)
  6. I'd rather expose his behavior than to denounce it to xat staff, which is more likely to not do anything. I'll give you some details so you can say if it was abusive or not: I was banned there by the same guy, who is the main owner, for saying "<redacted>". He said I offended users. But no one complained, and I didn't say they were <redacted>, but that the chat was <redacted>, with people saying random stuff completely unrelated with anything. So if this is offensive, then <redacted> is not merely a condition, but something offensive itself, which of course is not the case. I guess I will be able to check chatlogs with the bot before my ban is over - I was banned for 24 hours.
  7. I guess an additional suggestion should be make then: when you create a chat group, you should (optionally) select on which country you are, if you want to, of course. This would make it easier for users to find your chatgroup, not only through xat search, but in the xat.com as well.
  8. Since I've been far away from xat for months, now that I'm back I had a few interesting suggestions that I would like to share with you. Please bear in mind that I'm not concerned on how pratical they are, and some of them I've collected from other ppl that simply didn't care enough themselves to send xat a suggestion. My first one is very unlikely to even be consider, but since xat has been interested in providing mobile users a plataform, I think still some changes need to be taken in consideration. My friend @Arthur, by the time he was an owner at Ajuda - it's been like 3/4 years -, externalized a suggestion which is still valid to nowadays. Have you guys ever thought about how conterintuitive xat is? I mean, you want to color your name. What is the first thing that crosses your mind? That you have to put a damn code in the end of it? No way, bro. That's perhaps the core reason why xat has been evaded by new users: people just don't have the patience and time to learn how to use xat features, since they are clearly created without any consideration for the public. What I am suggesting instead is that, at least on mobile, people should be able to use some function powers directly from a box called "Function powers". I'll give an example that wil make it clear how this would be way more intuitive and just easy to learn: you want to color your name in green. Just in the outside. You' re told you'll need nameglow power and then you buy it. All you'd need to do is to click on your own name, then on "Function Powers", select "Nameglow', and then choose directly the color, no need for an hex code! Function powers such as status, tempmod, that can be utilized via commands directly in the chat can be the same, but the rest should change in that way. Second one is a rather simple one, also for mobile: just add the smile line instead of having that box which is highly unpractical. Maybe it already has been suggested, and I don't feel the need to reiterate that this would make everyone's life easier. Also, how hard can it be to make mobile more similar to the normal version? The last one is directly to xat staff. I think you should consider to have an specific time to each main owner be in charge of an official chat. It is not needed to say how some official chats have just been abandoned and neglected by the staff, and the main owner was just to inactive to even notice. Like it used to happen in xat5, I believe the ideal period for a main owner to be in charge of a chat is 1 month maximum, 2 if there's no one else better to replace him. This would make each official chat's staff more active, since they wouldn't have their ranks taken from granted. And it's something that could be implemented today if there would be the will to do so. Anyway, those are my suggestions. Thanks for reading and have a great day.
  9. As I was back on <chat name removed> yesterday, a main owner said that quote in the title. Is there any reason why this should not be abusive? I really don't get it. Should I proceed to report him or is it no use, since xat is probably busy with other stuff - I've been told that from vols earlier?
  10. I don't get the joke. Maybe I'm just too dumb for your humor
  11. I'm back since @Angelo missed me that much. Still not enough to not ban me unfairly. Good morning!

  12. I'm a bit late in the discussion, so sorry if I repeat any suggestion given earlier. But I think xat search should have a lot more resources. It should have a lot these features: 1) select language - when you're looking for a chat or for a user, you probably already know in which language they are chatting. So if you have this resource turned on, it'll be easier to filter. 2) select country - this is a bit a of an obvious one, but you should be able to select also in which country the chat you are looking for is located. 3) select date - i don't know for how long xat stores users messages, but you should be able to search even old messages, and this would make that a lot easier. 4) select rank - i'm not sure if this is doable in search results, but users should be allowed to search for messagens sent by an specific rank. Very useful to find kick/ban messages. So let's imagine that the prior resources have been added. Is that all? Is there any reason why you would search other thing? Like, should you be able to search for an user? Perhaps, but then you'll need to deactivate ppl who have nofollow turned on, or should inform that they have this power. What else? I'm not sure.

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