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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy  Birthday miss you

  4. Happy  Birthday! 

  5. Happy  Birthday!  (hug)  @T1FFANY

  6. happy birthday T1ffany 

  7. Well i was thinking about a power ! (character) power , yall can have (monk2)(ninja2)(trojan)(Archer)(water)(Fire) as smilies , it could be limited and you guys could also add some hats to it and make it perment! would be awesome , thank you!
  8. (EasterColours) could be one of the smilies for easter! ;p make it coloury
  9. hey yoooooo ;p

  10. Ehhhh whateve hayley lol u and ur first world problems!
  11. Heyzz! hope u guys are having a wonderful day!

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