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  1. well i made a post like ''Sell id (696900) you can find me on xat.com/tr4de or xat.com/deals ..'' and this was deleted ..
  2. Milk Chocolate ... Reading or writing?
  3. Thanks so much Lost ,also i like so much your entries !! Next time we'll winn g'luck !!
  4. Congratulations to winners !!
  5. Unicorns .. Love or money ?
  6. Hello i want entry to this contest and here is my work , i hope it's ok , thanks and good luck to E1 !! Button color is : #a17c62 Button color is : #1c6461 Button Color is : #0515ad
  7. But be carefull she don't want black or brown color
  8. This bg deserve to win is really nice !!
  9. This bg is so perfect ..grats Choco !!
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