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  1. Happy Birthday ! :d

  2. Edit

    happy birthday!!

  3. M00N

    Forum Signature Contest

    Why and who delete my post in this contest?
  4. M00N

    Win 15k

    This is end and can be closed !!! Thanks !!
  5. M00N

    Three* new (old) Volunteers!

    Congratulations guys !!
  6. M00N

    Signature Contest.

    Ok ok ..i'm not friend with staff ..i know this... i remaded my entry so you can delete if you want idc..
  7. M00N

    Signature Contest.

    <3 Christina Staff can disqualified my first entries is not a problem but they should desqualified and your entries .. i ll post my entry now and i want see if again will say all this .. is same or if u use images or if you use renders read all my post careful!!
  8. M00N


    Guys ''scammer'' in this list was just one example ... pfft !
  9. M00N

    Favorite Smiley Combination?

    This is a code of supercycle you need try to see how beautiful is .
  10. M00N

    Favorite Smiley Combination?

    (rbgum#rbr++++#f2f2f2#rbr++++#halo#ffccff#kanjoy#f2f2f2#rbr++++#beaeek#yffccffn01ffffffl02ffccffl03ffffff#nuclear#d661ca#f0b4f0#fafafa#wx10n808y20z0f3r0s1t1#clouds (butterfly#f#ffffff#010101#num#numJON#fffff#angel#spaceban#ffffff
  11. M00N


    I like so much this and i think is a good idea for a new power <3 !!
  12. M00N

    Back to graphics

    Thanks so much i like
  13. M00N

    Back to graphics

  14. M00N

    Introduce yourself (and your graphics)

    YOU are the best designer in xat.com ... all your graphics are so clean and perfect ... congrats you're the best !! i'd like to learn to make all you make !!! good luck and don't stop to do this never !!
  15. M00N

    Deleting an ID

    No one insult them ... where you guys see all this ??? ..and if you read better you can see i said (i will try to get again the screen cuz i delete history of browser and i dont have it anymore but i will try to add as soon posible) !

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