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  1. Haven't you just said that you already made the ticket before you open this thread?!! If you haven't made the ticket yet then please clear your browser cookies How_to_Clear_cookies or use incognito mode on google chrome or private window on firefox etc. (Don't make a new id to create a ticket in locked out department) It's not going to work out. Make the ticket using the email to the locked out account, subject must be five words at least and help topic is locked out. If you experience any issue while opening the ticket that has no fix unless you ask a volunteer to make a ticket for you then there you go, you opened the thread and volunteers saw it anyway.
  2. I thought you created the ticket already. Well wait till your message is seen and as soon as possible the ticket will be made for you, refer to my first post as additional information.
  3. Correct, and you should be telling them the registered name or/and the ID to the account you've a problem with.
  4. All you have to do in this case, check your email instead since you cannot login. You would receive a notification to your email when they answer your ticket so check the email from time to time (The email you've used to make the ticket) and read what the mail says before you attempt to reply.
  5. If you say I haven't done anything wrong and you still have not seen the evidence, ask for the evidence if it's not given yet to you, according to it, show your evidence too and pinpoint the misunderstanding.
  6. ter você já abriu um ticket? em caso afirmativo em seguida, continuar a esperar. Não poste palavras rudes em fórum. Para mim, é considerada como uma má palavra (por enquanto) não tenho certeza se isso é certo ou não.
  7. That's what it says but in fact It will work.
  8. Note: "Email change or Email hint" if I were you I would rather open the ticket in this department because if I'm not wrong Lost access department is delayed. There are four ways to create a ticket in this case, 1- The first is to clear your browser cookies. 2- Easier way is using incognito mode on google chrome or private window on firefox (private windows don't store/support cookies). and use an email that has to be attached to a xat account to create the ticket. 3- Get yourself a new id that is not registered by anyone through clearing your flash cookies, follow steps Click here then create the ticket using your email address that is tied to a xat account. 4- Login to an account of your own if you don't own another account then create a new one. however, I would go with the first option. You don't have to be a paid user to create a ticket in this department either. Feel free to opt for any way over the others. Anyway if you still receive any error messages while opening the ticket not to mention any solutions you have done, you can contact with a volunteer and ask them to open the ticket for you. Best wishes!
  9. I have something to say about this thread, when we talk about powers what are important and what aren't we should bear in mind that xat has made duplicated powers (not needed) and non-duplicated powers yet not needed and very less important compared to other powers anyway all people know that for real, and people who have EP are bound to buy those powers to keep their EP running. About auto-sign out after fifteen minutes, you can simply use away power to prevent this from happening to you while you're away doing something else. In my opinion this power can be used if you only have away power so that the chat doesn't disconnect you. And ultimately this is my opinion.
  10. Create a >> ticket << under short names department as Help Topic. Subject must be at least five words or more. You have to create the ticket using the account that is paid. You don't have to be paid on both accounts just anyone of them. Best regards!
  11. Hola, Prueba a borrar las cookies del navegador. ¿Ha intentado utilizar un navegador diferente? No utilice VPN o un proxy
  12. Silence

    Free Bg's

    @Manu it's fine, doesn't really matter, you can pick any other image that looks like this, and not necessarily the same, since I don't have another one. And if you don't feel up to it, then no worries.
  13. Sen beklemeye devam etmek zorunda.
  14. You're most likely held forever. You have to open up a ticket under account block department, subject must be at least five words or more. click >> ticket << If you run into any difficulties when opening the ticket then you can clear your browser cookies and use the email that is tied to your account to create the ticket. Without clearing your browser cookies, alternatively you can use incognito mode on google chrome or a private window on firefox. This error occurs for 1- the violation of terms of service >> terms << 2- If your account received stolen xats, it can be held till volunteers track them down and give it back to the main owner. 3- Some accounts have been held in error recently, if your account is one of them then no worries. You will most likely have to wait a while since this department is always busy. Volunteers receive high number of tickets especially the ones that fall under "Account block". Hope this helped, good luck! Update: Sorry for the delay, and thanks for letting us know that you have two tickets opened yet waiting for a reply. All you have to do is continue to wait, how long have you been waiting for "account locked"? I don't think it's been too long, right?
  15. Olá, Desculpe pela demora, mas você tem que continuar a esperar. Os voluntários recebem elevado número de bilhetes especialmente para o departamento "Account block" Eles vão voltar para você eventualmente.
  16. Silence


    You can reply on the same exact ticket and ask why, and wait for their reply.
  17. Silence


    Hello, You can't figure out why your account was deleted on the forum, however, this happens generally due to the violation of terms of service >> Terms << 1-You have to open a ticket under account block department. Subject must be at least five words. In advance you have to clear your browser cookies How_to_clear_cookies or use incognito mode from google chrome (ctrl+shift+N) from the keyboard at one go in order to create the ticket. Use your email that is tied to your account.
  18. I can also see this as you can, To me I think this issue is a minor issue as I don't think it would be in the way of editing stuff onto your chat room.
  19. Você pode fazer login usando um dispositivo diferente, é muito possível. Você está compartilhando sua conexão com a internet? Provavelmente é por isso que há muitos pedidos que estão sendo enviados a partir de outros que é por isso captcha começou a fluir. Pode ser um problema com sua conexão de internet / IP (IP compartilhado) Eu recomendo que você entre em contato com o seu provedor de serviços de internet. Isso acontece quando usando o Google também, apenas me perguntando?
  20. Você está usando uma conta registrada? Por vezes, tenho a captcha quando não estou usando uma conta registada. por isso, certifique-se que você está sempre conectado à sua conta. pode você passar o captcha, ou você não pode?? Vamos ver se este problema vem do seu PC, pode você tentar um dispositivo diferente? O captcha também pode ocorrer se houver qualquer atividade suspeita acontecendo no seu PC assim você pode precisar para executar uma varredura no seu computador.
  21. Algumas salas de chat proteção contra funcionamentotalvez seja por isso que você não pode participar? Certifique-se que você não usar qualquer VPN ou proxies. Limpar os cookies do seu navegador e tente novamente
  22. Silence

    Time stamps

    Nice suggestion, adding "seen" as in the messages seen by you and the recipient, would make it greater.
  23. I'm also not sure if this was suggested before, It's not a bad idea, but I don't think xat needs this implemented, because, you just said it. 1- People can harass you whether you ignored them or not they can use different accounts or even non registered ids. 2- Ignore only lasts 12 hours however, if they bother you again, you can ignore them again and again. 3- Even making ignore lasts forever may or may not stop them from harassing you.
  24. Olá - Se clareira "cookies" não funciona Vamos para login e login ao sua conta depois disso clique em "Buy xats and days" / "Compre xats e dias" clique aqui , e você deve ser capaz de comprar. fonte:
  25. Yes it works now, confirmed. Thank you for sending this to admins. @Admin Thanks
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