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  1. No, I do not think anything important, change color. Many people do not use this option. So I think it's unnecessary wear and tear.
  2. Exactly, many people use this tool to have a facility to choose and send smile (It is very nice easy to find and click).
  3. This very nice, excellent job. But I was thinking that because it would be good the new smiles, to add to this section: Since some people find it very difficult to write or memorize. For that reason many people use this very useful tool. Please guys
  4. It would be nice, to be animated
  5. Es frustrante lo que estas viviendo, bueno lo que te puedo decir es que esperes, no es una palabra de aliento pero creo que asi es aca. recientemente he estado enviando e intercambiando algunas palabras con esos voluntarios, y en un ticket de reporte si me han estado contestando. creo que en algunos departamentos si estan mas activos que otros, o los que estan asignados no esta haciendo bien su trabajo. bien solo ellos saben como estan trabajando.
  6. I want to report a problem from the previous version. Now I download the new version (1.54) And this problem continues, in this new version. I have a: Samsung SPH-D710 Android Version: 4.1.2 And my problem is: What Every time I try to write my keyboard cell automatically, closes me. For each message you send another person in chat. On many occasions I have tried to write, but sometimes the chat runs way too fast. Depending on which so many people have the chat and write all the time. I have to wait for an opportunity that no person write, and so I write. But if someone writes, I automatically closed my keyboard cell. Otherwise, no further problems.
  7. My suggestion will be nice to add a mini-browser. To Enable or Disable any power we need immediately. It is very costly and stressful walking up and down looking for a power. I have noticed in many people it costs them a lot of time and work, go looking for a power, and the worst is that if they have even a everypowers them takes a long time to find a power only to deactivate or activate it. Example to this: As you can see, I have written the word An. And all initial An powers have appeared. So simple and practical.
  8. Yes I like it, very nice and cozy.
  9. This post, I do it to file a complaint that many people know. I am here to make a complaint to see if you can do something. Turns out there's one more person known as <removed>, this person uses around 4 to 5 accounts. This person uses 3 trading chats, cambio (in (Spanish), trade (in English) and troca (in Portuguese). in 2 chats sells powers in quantity, and while the trade is equally wanting to buy in quantity at a very high price. This person is other people will buy with the account that sells, while with the other account is trying to "buy" so to speak. When someone falls into the trap, and run to buy the powers that are selling. then go to sell to the other person "is supposedly buying." By the time the changes or sells, then that is supposedly buying disappears. And people left with the amount of powers. I'll let you take a series of catches. I've captured the while this scammer walks making the rounds, scamming innocent people. Take action on the matter, avoid this type of activity in these people. Creating trap with Kandle This try to sell Kandle. (More than one person falls into the trap in minutes) (look in xat cambio.) captured with kandle: <removed> id here: <removed> The trying to buy (a false purchase) for any person falling into the trap, which is tending in the other chats "that allegedly is selling". (look in xat trade) captured "he try to buying" kandle <removed> id here <removed> Creating trap with magicfx And the story and the same procedure is repeated, cheating and stealing many people. try to sell magicfx <removed> id here try to buy magicfx: <removed> This is a small part of what a been doing for a long time. And I do not understand why anybody to do anything yet. If not, because they do not report, or because xat does nothing about this swindler ((Well I do not understand)). Many people in the same way they have fallen into the deceived. I remind you that he uses many accounts.
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