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  1. Sifu

    Pawn Shuffle

    This power would require Flashrank. With this power, you could flash your pawn powers on the chat. So for example, it would flash through Blueman, Pink, Gold, Ruby, and the rank on your chat.
  2. I'm having lag, just reading this thread.
  3. Kind of like shuffle power, but with this power, you can have multiple status at once. So for example, you could have "I am feeling good" to "I am feeling better" and "I am feeling awesome." It will change to your preferred statuses every two minutes or one minute if even. Hope you like this!
  4. Sifu


    It's better than having to click on someone's name all the time, just to see their status. I support this.
  5. Sifu


    No thanks. My eyesight is bad enough.
  6. Sifu

    I was also born in September :)

  7. Because it will give something to the users to look forward to.
  8. I'm guessing you guys don't read my whole post. The point is to get users more active, so the more they post, the more privileges they have like accessing this restricted forum. It will help the community more.
  9. Sifu


    The first time people were also complaining about the kaoani powers when they were released. Give this some time guys, maybe you will like more color powers.
  10. People can change their IPs. Or use a VPN.
  11. Maybe make it so bots allow you to search for powers in a category?
  12. Doesn't take too long to reach 25 posts, so don't stress about it.
  13. Sifu

    Dinosaur Power

    Hopefully xat can make this sweet power!
  14. Oh, I see now. I thought you wanted to know where the features are. You're welcome, for the fast reply!
  15. I was meant to say we have enough pawns as well. I didn't mean to mix it up like that.
  16. Sifu

    Dinosaur Power

    Oh alright. I would also like to see more dinosaur smiley's.
  17. I would like to see a Lounge as a category on the forums, so when a user like me, has reached a high post count, or at least 25, they could post in the Advanced Members Lounge. This means of course, they can post about stuff which is off-topic, (not related to xat), and just post funny stuff if we wanted to.
  18. Sifu

    Dinosaur Power

    Doesn't stoneage have dinosaur smiley's?
  19. Click on your name, and account settings. You should be able to use the special features from there. Like mentioned in your post, you need 25.
  20. They will most likely add the category then.
  21. This was on the old forum, where you could look at the bottom of the page, and it would show you the newest user to sign up. I think this could be useful for users who evade forum bans, and as well as other rule offenders.
  22. Sifu


    Does the music 18+ still apply to PCMusic? Because some people will use songs with profanity, which could be offensive to others, as well.
  23. Maybe there could be a xatspsce logs page, where you can see your old xatspace designs, and it will be able to return back as well.
  24. I'm not really a fan of Pop, but I like rap as well, sometimes.
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