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  1. I am sorry to hear this happened and I am sorry that you can't make Shop tribute anymore. I know you've worked hard on the chat and it must have been difficult seeing your goal shatter after all the work you've put in. I hope that in spite of this you can move forward and continue with Shop and even if it may be a burden that the person you entrust the chat with will continue to make Shop grow and be the chat you envisioned it to be.

  2. Hey,


    So, the topic pretty much speaks for itself. All you need to do is to pick your crew and choose who you would want to fight with you in order to find the One Piece. You can choose any character from the show (dead or alive) and have them serve under you as captain. You can have up to 10 total members to be part of your crew excluding yourself. As captain, you can choose whether you want a devil fruit and what ability it would be or to have no devil fruit.


    My Crew:


    Captain: Myself

    Devil fruit: Death Death Fruit (This will be the power to turn everyone around me to ashes. This ability also allow me to choose who I want to turn to ashes so my crew members won't be effected by the devil fruit. There's no counter to this devil fruit therefore anyone who opposes me will automatically be turned to ash.)


    Crew Members:

    1) Gol. D. Roger

    2) WhiteBeard

    3) Kaido

    4) Shanks

    5) Big Mom

    6) BlackBeard

    7) Aokiji

    8) Alkainu

    9) Dragon

    10) Mihawk



  3. On 11/9/2018 at 10:00 PM, 6 said:

    Well I was actually hoping that Luffy would easily defeat Big Mom with their encounter at each other in the whole cake island, but I guess Luffy at the time is still weak to fight with Big Mom.

    I have nothing against your opinion like it's cool and all but I really would prefer for Luffy not to beat a yonko yet. If he does, he will be really overpowered which I don't want. I am not trying to sound sadistic but I really want Luffy to lose to Kaido or Big Mom and have like another timeskip where he trains under someone really strong and then fight a yonko. This would not only bring shock value but won't undervalue the yonko who were hyped up to be the strongest in the verse like imagine some 19 year old who had like only 2 yrs of training taking down a YONKO that would be so underwhelming.


    Of course after a timeskip where he trains and gets stronger, I won't have a problem with him beating a yonko as he would be stronger and wiser then. IDK if this sounds weird but I really want this win to feel more deserving and amasing. After the timeskip, he would also be a lot older and it wouldn't feel like he is overwhelmingly younger than the opponents he faces. I also would want after the timeskip for him to fight Big Mom again and actually have a conclusion to their encounter first before going after Kaido. I feel there was a lot of issues left unresolved between them and I want to see how their fight would look like. Even after his training, I would still not want it to be an easy fight though. I would want this to go down to the wire considering these are the top dogs of the verse- the yonko. 


    I know it may sound hard to believe  considering One Piece is 80 percent done but we really do need another timeskip and I know Oda could do a lot with that timeskip, such as Luffy getting a new gear or perfecting gear 4th. There's a lot of development left for Luffy and I think another timeskip can connect the dots without him getting an insane powerup  with no reasonable explanation at the end. 

  4. Wow! Great job! Hats off to you and your great work and I really hope your idea gets implemented in the future. It's amazing how we still have such great and aspiring artists who continue to show great work and impress others. Keep up the good work and keep growing my friend!

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  5. Hello,


    If you forgot the email address to your xat account, you would need to create a new account to solve the problem.


    Do the following steps:


    1. Create a new temporary account and open a ticket at xat.com/ticket under Lost Access department. 


    2. Write a subject(5 words or more) and write a message saying that you lost access to the account.


    3. After completing each of the following steps, click ‚ÄúOpen ticket‚ÄĚ .


    Hope this helps!




  6. Hello,


    There isn't any list that you could check to see what groups you created. However, if you know what email you've used to create the groups, you can check the email for the confirmation email that was sent to activate the chat groups you have made.


    Hope this helps!




  7. 3 hours ago, iMoHd said:


    Are you still receiving the same error as before when trying to open a ticket? If so, you should follow the steps I listed above. It should work and you should be able to open a ticket if you are the following the steps correctly. Make sure also that your subject is 5 words or more and you filled out all the required fields when making your ticket.

  8. Hello,


    You can find the token code on your Google Authenticator  application. If you are unable to find the code or lost it, you will need a volunteer to open a ticket for you, please private message them and politely ask them to open a ticket for you.

    Please include the following information:


    • Your registered name and ID.
    • The e-mail associated to your xat account. Please remember to mention if you still have the access to the email or not.
    • The¬†reason for needing a ticket.¬†


    You can contact volunteers on https://forum.xat.com/staff/.


    Please do not include any personal information on the forum next time.




  9. Hello,


    You would need to open a ticket to get your problem resolved.


    You would need to :

    • ¬†Go to xat.com/ticket
    • Create a new ticket with the help topic "Lost Auth" (Make sure subject is¬†at least 5 words)

    • Request for a token code reset then wait for a reply


    After the ticket has been created, you can check the ticket-status here:  https://util.xat.com/support/view.php


    Hope this helps!





  10. You can only have one ticket open at a time. You should wait till the ticket status of your previous one is closed before opening a new ticket. I would recommend requesting your previous ticket to be closed in the ticket if your past issue was already resolved. After doing that step, open a new ticket and report the user under A General Question Or Concern department as Crow suggested.

  11. Hey,


    I would like to suggest your bot name to be Warren Buffett. He is a very successful businessman and currently is the third wealthiest person in the world. He currently serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. 


    Bot Color Code: (glow#0d0e5e#ffffff)


    Avatar:   jKd2Ub5.jpg


    PcBack:  PTfFQsJ.jpg


    Status/StatusColor: $status=Welcome To Shop International Trading Chat!#000001#FFFFFF


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