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  1. You're welcome and congrats on making it into the team!
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  6. Hey, So, the topic pretty much speaks for itself. All you need to do is to pick your crew and choose who you would want to fight with you in order to find the One Piece. You can choose any character from the show (dead or alive) and have them serve under you as captain. You can have up to 10 total members to be part of your crew excluding yourself. As captain, you can choose whether you want a devil fruit and what ability it would be or to have no devil fruit. My Crew: Captain: Myself Devil fruit: Death Death Fruit (This will be the power to turn every
  7. I have nothing against your opinion like it's cool and all but I really would prefer for Luffy not to beat a yonko yet. If he does, he will be really overpowered which I don't want. I am not trying to sound sadistic but I really want Luffy to lose to Kaido or Big Mom and have like another timeskip where he trains under someone really strong and then fight a yonko. This would not only bring shock value but won't undervalue the yonko who were hyped up to be the strongest in the verse like imagine some 19 year old who had like only 2 yrs of training taking down a YONKO that would be so underwhelm
  8. Congrats on Contributor man!

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      You're welcome man and welcome aboard!

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      You're welcome! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and may your day be blessed with happiness!

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