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  1. Mystic

    RIP Shop?

    I am sorry to hear this happened and I am sorry that you can't make Shop tribute anymore. I know you've worked hard on the chat and it must have been difficult seeing your goal shatter after all the work you've put in. I hope that in spite of this you can move forward and continue with Shop and even if it may be a burden that the person you entrust the chat with will continue to make Shop grow and be the chat you envisioned it to be.
  2. Congrats on your new id!

    1. Marya


      Dear thanx from my heart (hug)  

      Thank you a lot 

    2. Mystic


      You're Welcome! (hug)

  3. Mystic

    New Volunteers

    Congrats @LaFleur and @Junior on earning volunteer!
  4. HBD and Happy New Year!

  5. hey @Mystic merry christmas you bro 

    1. Mystic


      Thank you sorry if I am late but I hope you had a great Christmas and happy new year!


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