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  1. Mystic

    Ban the post that precedes you!

    i banned mia for being too amazing.
  2. Mystic

    Bot Suggestions

    Hey, I would like to suggest your bot name to be Warren Buffett. He is a very successful businessman and currently is the third wealthiest person in the world. He currently serves as the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Bot Color Code: (glow#0d0e5e#ffffff) Avatar: PcBack: Status/StatusColor: $status=Welcome To Shop International Trading Chat!#000001#FFFFFF
  3. Mystic

    Vacation - temp co-main

    I hope you have a great vacation Nathan. I hope you have lots of fun and may your trip be blessed with joyful memories. Congrats Stive! I am glad you became a temporary Main Owner while Nathan will be away. I know how dedicated you are to Shop and I look forward for what you plan to do as a temporary Main Owner
  4. Hello, I have noticed that when you edit a message in status replies, the indication that you have edited said message doesn't show. I propose that we should allow that indication to show on status messages like how normal posts work. Normal Posts Edit Message Indicator: As you can see here, normal posts allow you to see that you edited the message. This can be useful to know whether the user that posted that message has changed anything they've wrote before. Status Messages: Even though you've edited your content, it doesn't show that. You may read something before then later see the content is different with no indication that it was changed. This can be really confusing. You may have noticed I have written that I edited the message and put it in bold to signal that I have edited it. This is something I think can be implemented since it's already indicated when you do regular posts on forum. I also think you could implement this change in forum private messages since it can get confusing to know whether any messages have been edited or not. I hope you all can consider it and see that it would be quite useful in some situations. Special thanks to Bella for helping me with the sample used on the post! Regards, Mystic
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Mystic

    Giveaway #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    xMystic (357142695)
  7. Congrats on Contributor!

    1. MisteR


      Thanks Mystic(hug)

    2. Mystic


      Your Welcome! (hug)

  8. Mystic

    Welcome New Contributors

    Congratulations Mister!
  9. Mystic

    What is your Favorite Color ?

    My favorite colors are red and blue.
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. I didn't notice u became a contributor, grats dude (wary) 

    1. Mystic


      Thank you!

  12. Mystic

    Giveaway #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    xMystic (357142695)
  13. Happy Birthday!


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