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  1. Five months ago, I was given a task by @Cupim, to make Bar an active chat for portuguese speakers. Since then, with the help of many people around me, we've turned xat Bar into a popular chat between the brazilian users. During this time, we had many ideas of how we could get more people to the chat. Back in July, we started an open poll to decide who would be the new Main Owner, of course, my intention was to bring more people to the chat. And it worked, we had almost 300 votes (only registered users could vote), and probably some of you were invited to vote back then. A week ago
  2. Parabéns mano, chama a prima pra festa pra eu conhecer.

    1. Gui


      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk traz às suas pra festa também :$ 


      valeu mano <3

  3. I'm so sick of running as fast as I can... Wondering If I'd get there quicker if I was a MAN

    1. DUYGU


      it is always good to run fast you can catch a lot of opportunities

  4. break up with your girlfriend, im bored

    1. Lemona


      @arianagrande break up with NASA, join xat 

    2. Ereshkigal


      i know it aint right but i dont care

    3. oj
  5. Parabéns boiola mande lembranças para sua querida irmã rsrs

    1. Gui


      kkkkk :@ 


      Veleu gay :$ 


      manda  a prima de presente sz

  6. It sure defeats the purpose of the cyan pawn, which was made for celebs only, as most of you said. There's something in this topic that annoyed me: a few contributors said admin didn't want users to give their inputs about it. I'll remind you of something: there's no sucessful company that doesn't listen to their customers.
  7. Social is only alive BECAUSE of @Mike We should think twice before demanding a new main owner. Volunteers should think twice before complaning about his management, they couldn't do anything better. The chat was totally dead and Mike made it popular again, brought people that never would come before, he actually thought out of the box. Demanding strict rules or ''Official standards'' is just more of the same that made xat become a dying site. People are just tired about these, if you didn't notice that, get out of your echo chamber. Mike and Glitch may have done mistakes during
  9. OP brought a really valid question, but there are some counter arguments: Trade chat is way larger than Troca and Cambio, therefore, there would be way more spammers, scammers and trolls if it was made for registered users only, and yeah it would be more chaotic... Fundamentally, Trade chat should be open for registered users, but there are consequences. So I question you, is that really worth the risk if you could just pc a mod or try Troca/Cambio if that? From my perspective, It's not.
  10. Matheus


    Matheus (80929380)
  11. That's not an easy question... But the first thing I would do is: listen to the users' demands.
  12. Parabéns guria, muitas felicidades nesse dia, depois aparece ali no xat pra te enviar um card. Te adoro, sua chata :$

    1. Paws


      Obrigada meu barbudo favorito:$

  13. Dude... is that another english celebration? I'm out!
  14. Matheus


    FORA TEMER Matheus (80929380)
  15. Ai se eu te pego

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Henrique


      Eleitor do Jean Wyllys não pega ninguém! (cute)

    3. Bau
    4. Matheus


      Eu não sou um adepto de Jean Wyllys (cute)

  16. I would give it 60k, I would also higher the price slightly if necessary but I would prefer not to.
  17. I am whale

    1. Ereshkigal


      u look more like 


    2. Daniel


      Hello whale 

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