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  1. break up with your girlfriend, im bored

    1. Lemona


      @arianagrande break up with NASA, join xat 

    2. Blossoms


      i know it aint right but i dont care

    3. oj



  2. Parabéns boiola mande lembranças para sua querida irmã rsrs

    1. Thuk


      kkkkk :@ 


      Veleu gay :$ 


      manda  a prima de presente sz

  3. E se você pedir pra mim parar, não vou parar. :)

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    2. Matheus
    3. Bau


      @Junior - 

      I can help you, translate everything that Arthur wrote to Matheus. . .


      Arthur - I love you Matheus, I love you very much.

      Matheus - I love you very much.


      xD :D  

    4. Stif


      Não para, não para, não para não...

  4. Matheus


    It sure defeats the purpose of the cyan pawn, which was made for celebs only, as most of you said. There's something in this topic that annoyed me: a few contributors said admin didn't want users to give their inputs about it. I'll remind you of something: there's no sucessful company that doesn't listen to their customers.
  5. happy bday matheus :D

  6. Parabéns, tchê!


    Nesta data tão especial, desejo-te tudo o que há de melhor nesta terra (churrasco, bom chimarrão, fandango, trago e mulher).

  7. Happy Birthday, Matheus(applause)

  8. happy birthday, daddy! 


    hope you have a great day (: 

  9. Happy Birthday bro! <3

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Feliz aniversário mano, tmj! :$ 

  12. Happy Birthday !! 

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