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  1. Matheus


    It sure defeats the purpose of the cyan pawn, which was made for celebs only, as most of you said. There's something in this topic that annoyed me: a few contributors said admin didn't want users to give their inputs about it. I'll remind you of something: there's no sucessful company that doesn't listen to their customers.
  2. happy bday matheus :D

  3. Parabéns, tchê!


    Nesta data tão especial, desejo-te tudo o que há de melhor nesta terra (churrasco, bom chimarrão, fandango, trago e mulher).

  4. Happy Birthday, Matheus(applause)

  5. happy birthday, daddy! 


    hope you have a great day (: 

  6. Happy Birthday bro! <3

    1. Matheus


      Valeu mano!

    2. Luig


      Tmj Gaúcho gay

  7. Happy Birthday!

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      Thank you!

    2. Mystic


      You're welcome!

  8. Happy Birthday!  (hug)

  9. Feliz aniversário mano, tmj! :$ 

    1. Matheus


      Valeu mano!

  10. Happy Birthday !! 

  11. Happy birthday! I hope you are going to have a great day, enjoy it! 

  12. Matheus

    Social doesn't meet Official standards

    Social is only alive BECAUSE of @Mike We should think twice before demanding a new main owner. Volunteers should think twice before complaning about his management, they couldn't do anything better. The chat was totally dead and Mike made it popular again, brought people that never would come before, he actually thought out of the box. Demanding strict rules or ''Official standards'' is just more of the same that made xat become a dying site. People are just tired about these, if you didn't notice that, get out of your echo chamber. Mike and Glitch may have done mistakes during this time, I know it, but they were sucessful in their mission to make Social an active chat again (as I've never seen before). Obviously this thread was made because the majority of the mainstream don't like either Mike or Glitch. Which makes me sad.
  13. Matheus

    Win Namegrad and Namecolor

    Matheus (1000070)

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