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  1. Five months ago, I was given a task by @Cupim, to make Bar an active chat for portuguese speakers. Since then, with the help of many people around me, we've turned xat Bar into a popular chat between the brazilian users. During this time, we had many ideas of how we could get more people to the chat. Back in July, we started an open poll to decide who would be the new Main Owner, of course, my intention was to bring more people to the chat. And it worked, we had almost 300 votes (only registered users could vote), and probably some of you were invited to vote back then. A week ago, we did another big poll, we were supposed to vote for xat's user personality, and the winner would get 5.000 xats. We got more than 400 votes (once again, only registered users). This time, we've planned something different and longer. It's the first virtual-reality-show to happen on xat. You may have heard about Big Brother, wherever you live, it's a very popular reality-show. In Brazil, it's not different. So, we've decided to produce a xat version of the show. We will choose 16 competitors, between the dozens that applied for it, and for a whole month, we will get challenges almost everyday, where the winners of each challenge will get prizes (xats or powers) and benefits on the game, such as voting people to the wall or making them immune to the wall. The wall is how we name the elimination zone, those contestants in the elimination zone will be submitted to the open vote, where the most voted will leave the dispute. We will do this until we get only 3 contestants left, then the last poll will be 'who would you like to win the game?'. the most voted participant gets power purple. We were one of the first unofficial chats to make HTML5 (even though back then, I was not a big fan of the idea) our default chat, which made our users adapt to it and discover it's new features and bugs. The point of this story is to show how in 2020 we still can make chats active again and have fun on it. I can say that new xat made huge improvements and added cool features (they made me change my opinion about it), dont give up on it. Even though it's for portuguese speakers, you all will always be welcome to Bar
  2. Feliz aniversário meu caro amigo! Faltam só 3 anos para você chegar no ano em que o seu verdadeiro eu será revelado, felicidades!

  3. Happy Birthday! Four more years to go.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!! (hug)

  5. Parabéns mano, chama a prima pra festa pra eu conhecer.

    1. Gui


      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk traz às suas pra festa também :$ 


      valeu mano <3

  6. I'm so sick of running as fast as I can... Wondering If I'd get there quicker if I was a MAN

    1. DUYGU


      it is always good to run fast you can catch a lot of opportunities

  7. Happy belated Birthday, Murat ūüĖ§

    1. Matheus


      Thanksss ‚ô•

  8. Happy birthday Matheus :$

  9. And for that, I say... Happy Birthday!! I'm so hoping you had a great day! :)


    1. Matheus


      You like my bday? Gee thanks, just bought it!

  10. Happy Birthday!


  11. Happy b Day. (hug)

  12. Happy birthday!!!

  13. Happy Birthday!

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