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  1. A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    Matheus (1000070)
  2. ID auction ?

  3. Trade mains ?

    OP brought a really valid question, but there are some counter arguments: Trade chat is way larger than Troca and Cambio, therefore, there would be way more spammers, scammers and trolls if it was made for registered users only, and yeah it would be more chaotic... Fundamentally, Trade chat should be open for registered users, but there are consequences. So I question you, is that really worth the risk if you could just pc a mod or try Troca/Cambio if that? From my perspective, It's not.

    Matheus (80929380)
  5. That's not an easy question... But the first thing I would do is: listen to the users' demands.
  6. Parabéns guria, muitas felicidades nesse dia, depois aparece ali no xat pra te enviar um card. Te adoro, sua chata :$

    1. Dreamer


      Obrigada meu barbudo favorito:$


    Matheus (80929380)
  8. How will you spend Halloween 2017?

    Dude... is that another english celebration? I'm out!
  9. Feliz aniversário! Desejo-lhe um ano perfeito (se é que você entende).


    P.S. Agora que você já é maior de idade, podemos visitar as mais badaladas casas noturnas do grandioso estado do Rio Grande do Sul e conquistar as mais belas prendas, ao estilo Barney Stinson.

    1. Matheus


      Com certeza ainda teremos o ano perfeito

  10. happy birthday, Matheus !:d

  11. Happy birthday (wailing)

  12. happy bday love you 

  13. Happy birthday (hug)

  14. Happy birthday matheus (wailing) 

  15. Happy birthday, DaDDy. 💝






    Congrats...on your new haircut.