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  2. Your gay history

    @Junior are you going to share? I am in a relationship with someone who is very much in the closet. It's tough. It's exactly as you described it for him. He knows nothing will change but whenever he even thinks about saying the words, he gets very anxious. I hope one day society doesn't make people have to go through this horrific and liberating experience and being queer is normal. However, I doubt that will be anytime soon. Until then, these success stories are important. They show people that life is either the same or better for most once they come out of the closet. It helped me to watch YouTube/hear about others. It warmed me up and made me even consider the idea of acting on my feelings.
  3. Your gay history

    How did you discover your homosexuality? At what age did you do it? - I discovered it after getting feelings for guys during 6th grade PE. I did not know what it meant at the time. I was 12. How did you react to the fact that you are gay, by then? I realized it a year or so after the first incident but refused to admit it. I said that I just had been around guys more than girls so it was reasonable. How long did it take you to face the truth and accept yourself? I think somewhere in middle 2016 I admitted it. So about four years. Have you come out of the closet already? If so, how did your social and work experience change? If not, how are you planning to do it and when? Many people know. If (most) people ask them, I will admit it. Nothing much has changed besides I can finally talk about who I have feelings for with friends, which I am grateful for. I just feel like I can be myself more. Do your siblings and/or parents know it? If so, how did they react to it? My brother and mom know. They were supportive. Dad doesn't know yet, we will see how that goes. How did they find out? If you told them, how did you do it? I just told them very nonchalantly in the car because I tried to play it off like it was no big deal. Do your closest friends know it? If so, did the friendship change in any way after knowing it? I am sure I know some closet people, but not much has changed. One or two gay guys have tried to hit on me, but I am more attracted to the nontypical gay guys.

    Harrison (177M)
  5. Shame I've never had Nutella - or any other kind of nut- because of an allergy. I have also never had an energy drink. Some of the most adventurous foods I have eaten include live shrimp, sea urchin, escargot (snail), octopus, and chicken feet.
  6. Rules

  7. hello I am Harrison the new moderator welcome to the xat family family members: Bau - xat grandpa Shake - xat mom Harrison - xat dad Cleon - xat sister Flake - xat grandma want a family roll? comment below
  8. About Xat Family staff

    Give me rank "Leader" please Bau
  9. Favorite Sexy Actor

    He's not an actor but Troye Sivan! @Kayzar agrees.
  10. First topic, Hello!

    I am really happy to be in this thank you for letting me join the xat family
  11. A Change In Ownership

    Have you even asked Brandon and Muffins if they would want this? lol I promise you their answer would be no.
  12. How old are you ?!

    Santiago aka Harriago
  13. How old are you ?!

    I am 544 days old.
  14. Hi shiny!

    1. Harrison


      team mew for the win

  15. Worried That I May Get Flirted At Saturday

    A summary of my reaction to this discussion: