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  1. Happy Birthday @Alan

  2. Bau

    Happy birthday! (hug)

  3. If you could live the life of an anime character from any series, who would it be? Mine would be Rito from To-Love Ru.. for obvious reasons
  4. UselessServiceThatIsn'tWorthYourTime
  5. best: meeting BAE worst: finding out you can't use sparkles on your icon without having days
  6. We need a new FROG power called PEPE, just a thought.
  7. Alann

    Geass Power

    I think a power that includes any television show/anime/series is highly unlikely due to copyright issues. I mean, we have the mario/zelda smilies but to have an entire power after a series is a bit of a stretch.
  8. To legally kiss every girl on xatech (the cute ones lol)
  9. @Swifty @Swifty @Swifty @Swifty @Swifty @Swifty
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