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  1. Having a computer that doesn't work well at all, I'm curious as to when the mobile app will be ready!? It's past due xat gets one! For free of course!
  2. just kidding, im back here for real now.

    1. Lemona


      Quite the entrance 


    2. Gamee


      I missed youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (hug)

    3. Defiance


      Glad to have you here Leona.



  3. anything and a random generator will choose the winner! 'Contest' ends on: Sunday 17th April, 7pm (UTC) | See countdown here!
  4. Leona

    Hi my name is

    Hi my name is 6 and i hate the number 6.
  5. Leona

    I Spy on you.

    I spy a girl enjoying the sun. Actually a pretty picture too o:
  6. Leona

    This or That ???

    Hersheys. Samsung galaxy s6 or Samsung galaxy s6 edge ?
  7. Leona

    I Spy on you.

    I spy a cat rolled in wrapping paper
  8. House of cards is an amazing show omg. though i havent finished watching it yet.

    1. Harrison


      What season are you on? I wish I hadn't finished it!

    2. Leona


      i believe season 1, if not 2. i haven't watched it in ages, i get distracted with other shows so easily.

    3. Harrison


      Try watching more, season 3 is eh but season 4 is great!

  9. Leona

    This or That ???

    Chubby. cute smile or cute eyes?
  10. It'd be nice to let us know on the forum if/when someone wins though
  11. probably should close this thread, and delete it. Also if youre going to hold an actual contest, please keep your word... thanks.
  12. Happy birthday Hound.

  13. Leona

    Country powers

    Eventually theyd need a power for every country then, wouldnt they? because theres people on here from all over the world. Literally, all over.
  14. You need the Willis Tower in Chicago, or Chicago riverwalk.
  15. Sleep is literally my best friend right now. Going to go be with my best friend guys. See ya.

  16. Entered last night, though i will enter a few more entries before its over. Enjoy.
  17. I am logged in, idk why its like that.
  18. Leona

    happy birthday Paul.

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