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  1. Ediz

    Free Templates

    nice template @Manu
  2. Ediz

    Good luck

    Good luck everyone
  3. the Director of the chocolate manufacturing (:
  4. pleasant to take a shower.impressive suggestions..
  5. I do not recommend this game. The game is not right to rule us
  6. Ediz

    Free Bg's

    WoW nice job (:
  7. This is a my favorite example design : )
  8. Hello to everyone . İs my from TURKEY and my name is Ediz. My age is 25. Since 2009 I have been taking place from the chat group chat page . Staying happy to know you and have a nice time with you than. My interest in design in the last 3 years. yes, I love the colors. I prefer black as a noble color . to choose to with them and win nice color image I know it's not easy , I'm proud to take part to showcase their talent on this issue between , nice to meet with you , To see my design examples , please https://www.flickr.com/photos/XatEdiz thank u : ))
  9. Ediz

    Yes or No

    yes dreams come true, though?
  10. Ediz

    Free Bg's

    nice work , grats bro @Manu yes , really nice bg Very simple image was but it could obtain a more detailed view
  11. Nice Design , thanks ßro @TrueRedDevil > download
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